Why should you work as a panda volunteer?


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Pandas are lovely animals. Working as a panda volunteer is quite an enjoyable thing. Take a panda tour when you travel in Sichuan, you will find you would love to take care of this naughty, stubborn yet adorable animal. Also this panda volunteer work is known as one of the most interesting and interactive things to do in your Chengdu tour.

However, working as a volunteer is not as easy as you think. Firstly, you should know the basic requirements to do the volunteer work. They should be summed as enthusiasm for animals, patience and responsibility. Whatever work you do, the enthusiasm is the fountainhead of your work. Your daily work will focus on sweeping the cage, the excrement and carrying bamboo, if you are not patient enough or responsible, the work may be tough for you. But don’t worry, as long as you would love to try and devote yourself into this panda volunteer work, you will soon find that it’s fun to take care of these giant pandas.

You will follow a short training course, after that your role will be as the assistant of panda keeper. You have two options here. One is to be the assistant of the expert panda keeper and the other job as the interpreter of panda garden. You are highly recommended to take the first job as the assistant because you will have more interaction with the pandas. During the training course, you will be taught on how to give milk to baby pandas. Your panda keeper will inform you the habits and characteristics of giant pandas, such as in which kind of environment they would love to live in and other tips. You will learn and gain knowledge about pandas and how to take care for the newborn pandas. A pre-nurturing lesson is quite necessary for a panda volunteer. 

Your job as an assistant involves cleaning the cage and the surrounding environment, preparing food for giant pandas, carrying bamboo, collecting behavior or health condition report, helping the veterinary to do the medicine care, etc. The giant panda just plays around during all of their active hours, climbing on a tree and rolling down. You start to snigger? Don’t you? Spending some time with the adorable pandas is really meaningful. If they like you, you are free to take photos with them.

Tourists also showed their comments on working as a panda volunteer:

"The panda volunteer work was a great way to learn more about the panda. I learned many things about personalities and demeanor of the pandas". – By Debra

"My favorite part of course was the Panda experience where I held the baby panda!" – By Tracy Randle

In fact, the pandas living environment is highly restricted. Both the temperature and the humidity should be in the proper level. Your panda volunteer work also contains collecting these data to ensure the healthy growing of giant pandas. Enjoying the beautiful panda breeding experience, take a panda tour and travel in Sichuan. Without doubt, you will gain your skills on getting with pandas and be obsessed with these lovely bears. The day when you leave, you will recall the past several days spending with these balls of fluff on your own. You will grow in to these adorable giant pandas and this will be the volunteers' real feeling after working as panda volunteer.

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