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For foreigners who want to take a Tibet tour, the most enjoyable way is to take the train to Tibet. The Qinghai-Tibet railway covers a distance of 1,972 km. (1,225 mi.) from Xining, the provincial city of Qinghai province to Lhasa. Trying this mode of transportation enables travelers get the chance to enjoy the stunningly scenery on the way. Feel the high speed of wheel running rapidly, passing the Tibetan plateau and only leaving the blowing whistle far away… Taking the Qinghai-Tibet railway is one of the best ways to know Tibet and it is a must wonderful experience of your Tibet tour.

Once you board the overnight soft-sleeper train, you will find everything on the train are well equipped to adjust for plateau traveling. The carriages are pressurized and double glazed for the comfort of passengers. The Tibet train is equipped with the oxygen-supply system to maintain the air pressure of the train at a normal level. An oxygen mask is available for certain passengers in case of an emergency. To prevent the ultraviolet radiation, each carriage is equipped with the double-layer glass. As you can see in the picture, the environment in the little rooms is pleasant. A window is for good viewing. A table is set in the room for travelers to put some books, magazines or some snacks. Over your pillow, there is a little lamp. The light is not so bright, which supplies a comfortable and optical effect. If you can meet some new friends during your way, it should be a bonus for your Tibet tour!

Food sold on the train may not be of your taste, so travelers are recommended to take some foods that suit your flavor in advance before you board the train. If you have some problems or you feel uncomfortable on the train, you can communicate with the staff on the train. Staffs on the Qinghai-Tibet railway can speak some English and they will do their best to give passengers the best service. Their aim is to get a satisfied smile from you passengers.

What’s the most engaging part of the Train tour to Tibet is to see the beautiful Tibetan plateau with the nomads groups, Kekexili Nature Reserve, etc. Kekexili means “the cyan blue mountains” in Tibetan. It also explains to “pretty girls”. Kekexili located in the northwest of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, it is one of the main source of the great Yangtze River. The natural conditions here are fairly vile. Humans can’t live here for long, but Kekexili is a heaven for animals. Wild yaks, Tibetan antelopes, wild donkeys, brown bears and other Tibetan animals add a different vitality. When the train passes this region, don’t forget to take out your camera and focus on the livings there, which can be a life time memory.

About the photos, tourists can have better time and view along the Qinghai-Tibet railway. The authority has scheduled the trains so that passengers can make use of the viewing platforms during daytime. It is sure your Tibet tour by taking the Qinghai-Tibet railway will be a memorable experience in your life. The whistle has sounded. The beauty of Tibet will uncover with the train running fast towards the holy ground, the pilgrimage center in Buddha’s glory and the Lhasa city…

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