Trekking to Mt. Minya Konka


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Mt. Minya Konka, Sichuan.

If you are planning to travel to Sichuan in China and like trekking then you must have heard of Mt. Minya Konka. With an altitude of 7,556 m. (24,789 ft.) above sea level, it ranks as the highest mountain in Sichuan province, in fact one of the highest mountains in China. Minya Konka renowned as The King of Mountain Shu, is a famous and popular destination for trekking and the holy place for Tibetans. Trekking in Sichuan, without visiting Mt. Minya Konka will be an incomplete experience.

Sunset in Minya Konka - Sichuan province

Minya Konka (in Tibetan language), also known as Mount Gongga, is the main peak of Daxue mountain range, in the south of Kangding region in Sichuan. There are 45 peaks with an height over 6,000 m. (19,685 ft.) around Minya Konka. The highest peak of Minya Konka is 7,556 m. (24,789 ft.), it is the highest mountain in Sichuan province. Peak Minya Konka is 6,000 m. (19,685 ft.) higher than the eastside Dado River. The peak has large vertical relief over the deep nearby gorges. It is situated in the Daxue mountain range, part of the Hengduan mountains region, the symbolic holy mountain as one of the highest mountain in China.

Spectacular Minya Konka, Sichuan
The mountain is covered with snow all year round, with a splendid scene, it attracts many hikers to come here for a climb of a lifetime experience. To use a Chinese phrase to best define it, it is 雄浑壮阔 (xióng hún zhuàng kuò), meaning a great spectacular scene. It is quite different from the lively Jiuzhaigou, with lush forests and beautiful rivers and Zhangjiajie unique stone peak scenery. Minya Konka as a holy mountain for Tibetans, attracts a large number of Tibetans to Konka Temple for pilgrimage. But the hard trail is brutal, there are high peaks standing, with the hard ice layer and deep snow covering on the mountain. These obstacles are great challenges for trekkers. While trekking in Sichuan everyone wants to challenge themselves to Minya Konka - one of the highest mountains in China. In 1932, the American Exploration Team successfully trekked to Minya Konka. The mainland Chinese Hiking Group reached at the peak in June 1957.

Twilight scene of Minya Konka - West Sichuan

This image shows the twilight scene of Minya Konka. Almost all Minya Konka pictures consist of two necessary elements – the clouds and snow covered peak. It is the closest point to heaven, matching its name “the King of Mountain Shu”. It conveys a feeling of solemn, holy in silence. The sunset casts on on the peak, thus adding more solemn atmosphere. Generally, the moon is a symbol for lonely and desolate things. But when seeing it with Minya Konka, it seems to add a piece of friendliness. Can you generate the same feeling? Every year, many photographers travel to Sichuan from far to take photos of the great scenery of Minya Konka.

Sichuan Hailuogou No. 2 Camp - The hot spring pool.
There are large scales of glaciers on Minya Konka. East side of Minya Konka, there exists the largest glacier – Hailuogou Glacier. It is 14 km. (about 9 mi.) long. Each year, many Sichuan local residents come to Hailuogou to see the sunrise over Minya Konka. Tourists who plan to travel to Sichuan to the largest Hailuogou Glacier will be transferred by private car from Chengdu. The highlights of Hailuogou - glacier and the hot spring attract thousands of visitors to travel to Sichuan to enjoy the unique hot spring. The natural hot spring has many advantages for your health. Just imagine leaning against the snow covered mountains and there is a hot spring pool. What’s more the steam is formed when the hot water constantly rising up and meet the cold ice air. Really a luxurious enjoyment!

The latest news is that in Minya Konka Conservation District, the infrared camera has captured the sight of a snow leopard. Snow leopard is the kind of animal living in high mountains above the snow line. It is the most beautiful feline animal in the world. There are between 4,000 and 6,500 of these endangered big cats left in the wild and some of these Snow leopards can be seen on the mountains in China. 

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