Dan ba - the most beautiful Tibetan village in western Sichuan


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When the days get hotter and you are trying to find a cooler place to spend your summer holiday, then Dan Ba is just the perfect place to cool off! Or want a Tibet tour, but afraid of the height? Dan Ba also is your best choice! Renowned as the “Belle Valley”, Dan Ba ranks as one of the top 10 most beautiful villages in China.

It is one of the most attracting and wonderful places to see in western Sichuan. If you travel to Sichuan, a journey to Dan Ba Tibetan Village must be in your itinerary. Many travelers and photographers yearn to come to Dan Ba for a lifetime experience.

Dan Ba located in the western part of Sichuan, east of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and towards the edge of southeastern part of Qinghai – Tibetan plateau, is the inhabited region of Jia Rong Tibetan. Dan Ba county covers an area of 5,649 sq. km. (2,181 sq. mi.) with Dan Ba county and 14 small towns.

The population living in Dan Ba County is about 570,000 people, with mainly Tibetan and other 14 ethnic groups. There are continuous mountains, scattered rivers casting on the mountain and boundless lush forests. Locals sum the features of Dan Ba as “White snow at the top of the mountain, lush trees on the hillside and the Haizi (lakes) at the foot of the mountain”.

Dan Ba Tibetan Village is the most characteristic one among many Tibetan Villages. Hundreds of residential houses leaning on the mountain, scattering on the hillside, shows an image of “Heaven and Humans Being in One”.

Seeing from far, filled with the soul aura in the valley, in the emerald green grass or trees, are those farmlands and Tibetan style houses. With the flowing rivers and the houses hiding on the mountain, Dan Ba Tibetan Village is a wonderland that most people don’t know.

Spectacular natural scenery, the secret Belle Valley, quiet village houses and the ancient cultures make Dan Ba Tibetan Village one of the most beautiful and fantastic villages in China.

Here you can see a picture - the spring of Zhonglu Tibetan Village of Dan Ba. During the mid-March to April, Dan Ba is in spring except Dangling Region. The symbolic Tibetan Villages of Dan Ba contain: Zhonglu, Pujiaoding, Dazhai, Jiaju and Badi.

The most symbolic ones are Jiaju Tibetan Village and Zhonglu Tibetan Village. You can see farmlands in well-tilled and smoke from chimney in circles. It should be at dawn, before a busy day starts. In the background, you can see many Tibetan houses in shadow which haven’t been shined.

The beautiful Tibetan Village hasn’t woken up from her sweet dream, so be quiet and don’t disturb her dream! Let’s step to the farmland quietly…

As one of the most beautiful villages in China, Dan Ba is renowned as the “Belle Valley”. The women in Dan Ba are just like the beautiful scenery there. Legend has it that when West Xia country was eliminated by Mongolian soldiers, a large number of belles come here from Gansu and resided here, so generating the so called “Belle Valley”. Belle Valley is one of the three viewpoints of Dan Ba.

Tourists who plan to travel in Dan Ba should all depart from Chengdu (Chengdu Ximen Bus Station & Chadianzi Bus Station - Chengdu) and change to mini buses after arriving in Dan Ba downtown. Best time to visit is from spring to autumn - in spring you can enjoy a feast of flowers and in autumn, a world of red leaves to share!

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