Celebrate Chinese National Day in Chengdu


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The Chinese National Day is a ceremonious festival across the whole country and there is no exception in Chengdu. A golden week in Chengdu enables you to visit the top Chengdu attractions including Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Thatched Cottage of Dufu. There are stimulating things to do in Chengdu when you stay here during the Chinese National Day. Travel to Chengdu with a detail plan that will favor you on your tour in Chengdu during this holiday period. 

Chinese National Day - Visit Wuhou Temple
The Chinese National Day is a hot season for traveling, so the transportation in Chengdu is more busy. In order to reach the hotel quickly, you can book a picking up service from the WindhorseTour's Chengdu Airport Transfer. The national flag rising ceremony in Tiandu Square is attractive, which is at about 6:30 A.M. Handsome flag bearers come with flag in hands at a neat pace, the sacred ceremony at dawn can touch all the visitors deeply. Then you can take a bus to the Wuhou Temple, which is next to Jinli Street and do shopping in Jinli Street, which are stimulating things to do in Chengdu when you travel to Chengdu.

Travel to Chengdu during the Chinese National Day and enjoy a 1 day city tour which is perfect and you can see details at WindhorseTour's Chengdu City 1 Day Tour. At night, you may choose a wonderful Sichuan Opera show at Shufeng Yayuan, take a glance at  the WindhorseTour's Evening Cultural Show - Sichuan Opera. Other places to visit during the golden week are Leshan Grand Buddha and Mount Emei for a 2-day tour which can be one of the good choices for lot of travelers. Get more information from the WindhorseTour's  Leshan Grand Buddha and Mount Emei 2 Day Tour. The splendid mountains and grand Buddha would make deep impression on you.

Travel to Chengdu to see Dujiangyan Irrigation System

 A Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mount Qingcheng 1 Day Tour can give you a totally new site of Sichuan and the Cold-water Fish dish at restaurants in Dujiangyan is one of the most scrumptious dishes you cannot find at any other places. The last day of the Chinese National Day can be spent in Chengdu city to relax and see the numnerous rare cultural relic in the city that are absolutely necessary to visit when you travel to Chengdu.

During the Chinese National Day, all goods are on big sale and it’s a best time to shop and eat. The Cultural Week of National Festival in Thatched Cottage of Dufu is one of hot attractions. You can have a delighting and meaningful afternoon here. Rare collection of poems and calligraphy shown here are filled with artistic beauty and historical value, cathedra on ancient civilization will open your outlook, unique performances on traditional culture can move you a lot.

Things to do in Chengdu - Watch the splendid fireworks

The night scene on the Chinese National Day is the most stirring time. Fireworks are sprouting up all over city. Lots of places have firework shows and watch a surprising firework in Wangjiang Park after a big dinner and you can enjoy the reflection of fireworks in the lake at the same time. Rockets explode to fill the dark night sky with bright red and blue, with yellow and green and white. Not only does the color change, the shapes of the firework also change, into a rabbits shape, into a heart shape, into a foot shape. Watching the fireworks show is one of the recommended things to do in Chengdu during the Chinese National Day.

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