Tianfu Square - a must see attraction in Chengdu


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Planing on a Chengdu tour? Tianfu Square, the landmark of Chengdu, lies in the heart of Chengdu downtown. It is a must see for anyone travel to Chengdu.

It's said that in 347 B.C, when the king of ancient Shu State (Sichuan Province was called Shu State in ancient times) moved his capital to Chengdu, made Tianfu Square the city's heart.  

Tianfu Square Fountain - Chengdu
Having been through many centuries' renovation, Tianfu Square has become one of the popular Chengdu attractions for local people and travelers both from home and abroad.

When you travel to Chengdu, it's convenient take a Chengdu subway to this center of the city.

Tianfu Square in Chengdu is a big rectangular space and has water fountains with a variety of flowers bonsai.

On one side of the square is the imposing statue of Chairman Mao Zedong and behind the statue is the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum.

When the sky turns to night, dusk or noon, the beautiful water show which is synchronized with music are spurted from the fountains. This attracts crowds of  people to see and appreciate this beautiful water show. 

As one of Chengdu attractions, Tianfu Square is always full of people during early morning and weekends when locals participate in groups of exercising and social activities.

When you travel to Chengdu, this is a opportunity to spend a good time here to join with the residents to exercise as well as appreciate the wonderful fountain and lights. You may be interested in the Chengdu City 1 Day Tour to see this center piece of the city.

Statue of Chairman Mao - Chengdu Tianfu Square
The statue of Chairman Mao is probably the most famous feature of Tianfu Square in Chengdu. It's also the symbol for the center of Chengdu and is the second largest statue of Chairman Mao in China.

The color of the statue is white and Mao is wearing a overcoat. The special thing is Mao's right hand which points to the south also seems waving hello to passer-by, this gestures indicates a hope that Mao will lead the Chinese to a bright future. The Mao's statues in Tianfu square is really good for photography.

Tianfu Square reopened in 2008 because of the construction work of the Chengdu subway system. In the middle is the Central Metro Station where as in the lower level is a open circle shape space, around the are several water pools and statue of The Sun and Immortal Birds which is Chengdu city's symbol.

Tianfu Square - Chengdu
If you overlook Tianfu square in Chengdu, the whole structure is a copy from China's Tai Ji design. Look at the image  below you can see the new Tianfu Square. 

Around the Tianfu Square, there are many famous shopping malls, like Chunxi Road.

Also, other famous Chengdu attractions like Jinli street and Wide and Narrow Alley are near by. After you arrive at Tianfu Square, it's convenient to take a subway or Chengdu Bus or walk to lots of other Chengdu attractions.

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