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Flower Festival - Chengdu
Surrounded by the high mountains, Chengdu enjoys a humid and mild climate, featuring four clear-cut seasons. Although tons of travelers visit Chengdu all year around, there is a best time to visit Chengdu. If you visit Chengdu at the best time, not only you can enjoy the spectacular attractions, but you can also experience the holiday in Chengdu and the unique festival feasts. Get couples of tips and complete your travel to Chengdu in a perfectly planned tour.

Adorable pandas in spring - Chengdu

Two peak seasons are the best time to visit Chengdu: from March to June and from September to November. March to June is a season full of fragrant flowers and chirping birds. Warm weather is comfortable for plant's growth and for outdoor activities. There are three attractions that will attract loads of people this season.

The first one is the Chengdu Panda Base. Despite the green bamboo garden can refresh the air and let your hair down, you can also enjoy the baby panda as the spring is the breeding season. The Flower Festival is an important holiday in Chengdu, which is the birthday of all flowers and celebrated on the 12th February of the lunar calendar (about the middle of March in the solar calendar). During this festival, not only blossoming flowers attracts travelers, the local young people in traditional outfits are more eye-catching. Another significant festival is this season is the Dragon Boat Festival, which is on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. You can not only eat delicious Zongzi, a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves, but also enjoy an interesting and traditional boat race.

Lantern Festival - Chengdu
The other peak season is from September to November, which is the autumn of Chengdu. You can experience the totally magnificent attractions under the cool weather. In this season, the mountains are entirely different from other seasons. In autumn, a festival catches the attention of all people is the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is celebrated on the 15th of the August according lunar calendar (generally in September in Gregorian calendar). In this festival, moon cakes with a variety of flavors and fillings fetch all travelers. Traditional activities such as praying to the moon, lighting up festival lanterns are held, every traveler can take part in this festival.

Xiling snow mountain - Chengdu
Of course, even Chengdu has its slack season. From December to February, as the cold weather and humidity, less visitors travel to Chengdu these days. However, the winter of Chengdu is also beautiful. Snow mountains are of high reputation, such as Xiling Snow Mountain and Siguniang Mountain. Winter is the best time to taste the hot pot, the spicy dish can keep you warm. Winter is the only season to appreciate plum blossoms, you can enjoy blossoming flowers in parks like Huanhua Park. What's more, the Chinese New Year festival is in winter, which is the most important festival to all Chinese. During the festival, you can enjoy dozens of traditional Chinese performances like walk-on-stilts, dragon dance. So, take a visit to Chengdu in winter is not so bad.

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