Xiling Snow Mountain - winter fun just outside of Chengdu


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It hardly ever snows in the winter in Chengdu, the capital of China's Sichuan province, but only a few hours away lies winter sports paradise Xiling Snow Mountain - this haven of snow sports is a must for hikers and snow-lovers visiting southwest China!

Xiling Snow Mountain - Chengdu wintersports - Sichuan, China

Xiling Snow Mountain, located in the Dayi County of Sichuan, is only a one-and-a-half hour drive away from Chengdu, and there are even shuttle buses that leave from Chengdu's Xinnanmen Bus Station (i.e. the Tourist Center of Chengdu) and Jinsha Bus Station that go directly to this scenic resort area.

Skiing on Xiling Snow Mountain - Chengdu snow sports - Sichuan, China

Xiling Snow Mountain is divided into two parts: the front side of the mountain and the back side. The front side is covered with primitive forest and is widely popular with hikers and outdoor adventurers for its pure beauty. On the back side of the mountain, there is a wonderful collection of recreation attractions: the Cloud Sea, the Boundary of Yin and Yang - a spectacular meeting of clouds and fog on one side and blue skys and sunglow on the other, Guanyuntai (a platform with a panoramic view), and Dufu pavilion. There are other attractions as well, such as grass-sliding, hot air balloons, and others to fulfill your appetite for fun. Certainly, if skiing is what you come for, the best time of year is from the end of November until February.

In the evening, you can easily make it back to Chengdu and stay in one of the many hotels there, or there are hotels at the foot of mountain with heated floors and hot springs. After a day of hiking or snow sports, the temptation for the spa may be too much to pass up!

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