Cycling from Lhasa to Kathmandu a wonderful Tibetan adventure


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Photo of Potala Palace.

Travel from Lhasa to Kathmandu by bicycle is the best Tibet adventure. You can enjoy the extreme Tibet attractions as well as the Tibet culture and food in your Tibet tour.

Riding bicycle is a challenging thing to do in Tibet. Here are all the essential knowledge about your cycling Tibet adventure that you need to know.

Cycling to Lhasa is not an easy thing, but full of interesting scenery, and you can call it a budget Tibet tour for sure. With a two days sightseeing in Lhasa, you can catch the beauty of Lhasa. The Potala Palace is an iconic site to be visited.

Splendid palaces stand superbly under the sun, red and white palaces are grand and esthetic. Animated frescoes and vivid sculptures in each palace are both historical heritages and artistic beauties.

Photo of the Barkhor Street in Lhasa

Cycling around the palaces let you enjoy the splendid buildings from all corners. Hanging out by bike in the old Barkhor street, various Tibetan goods catch your attention.

The old district is filled with colorful Tibetan features, which is also a shopping center with nation characteristics. You can stop at any store to bargain local salesmen. Park your bike in front of any restaurant and to try some Tibetan cuisine, which would be a good choice.

Prevalent monasteries have their similarities and distinctions. Three typical monasteries are Drepung Monastery, Gandan Monastery and Sera Monastery. You can pay a visit to each on your bike. If you have time, Norbulingka summer palace is also a nice spot.

The next stop of your Tibet Adventure is Gyantse, after cycling cross the beautiful Yamdrok Lake. Surrounded by numerous snow-capped mountains, Yamdrok Lake is fan-shaped, with clean water shimmering under the sun.

Photo of the Dzong Fort in Tibet
Gyantse is a Tibetan town famed for the Gyantse Kumbum. A clockwise route leads murmuring pilgrims up through the six floors. Gyantse Kumbum is a kind of typical Tibetan Buddhism monastery architecture combined stupa and temple. 

Another recommended attraction in Gyantse is Dzong Fort. Dzong Fort is a monastery compound at the end of town and the surrounding Nyang-chu valley, which will take you 20 minute to climb.

Cimbing up to the top of the Dzong Fort, you will have a panoramic view of the whole area of Gyantse. By the way, tsamba workshop is worth to visit to help you know more about the main Tibetan food.

Zhangmu the boarder town with Nepal is the next spot during your trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu by bicycle after you cross Everest Base Camp (E.B.C.) Detour away from the main road of E.B.C. which is a bit tough but enjoyable.

Photo of Mount Everest

To closely experience the Everest Mountain is charming and you would be totally touched by the spectacular mountain. The tough climb to the pass follows an excellent downhill ride to small Tibetan settlement where you camp for the night.

Zhangmu is a small Tibetan county with traditional Tibetan living styles. A leisure day in Zhangmu ensures you closely understand Tibetan daily life.

After a long and tough cycling, Kathmandu in Nepal is the final spot of this Tibet adventure. Kathmandu is an exhilarating shock - the sights, sounds and smells of the city can quickly lead to sensory overload.

Photo of Kathmandu

Cycling down the narrow winding streets of the old town, you can skim through the local life and culture. Despite the Tibet attractions, there are three things to do in Tibet which are necessary. 

First, worshipping as the local pilgrims, so you can understand Tibetan spirit deeply. Second, tasting Tibetan food, which make your Tibet adventure more wonderful. Third, shopping souvenirs, such as Tibetan knives and Tibetan medicines which can remind you such a perfect Tibet adventure.

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