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Xi'an is one of the must-see city in tours China. It boasts abundant tourist attractions, and guess who have made it to the top three finalist besides the Terracotta Warriors? 

Most famous for its ancient culture, well preserved capital architectures includes the Terracotta Warriors, Giant Goose Pagoda and Ancient City Wall. All having grabbed the attention of millions of overseas travelers on tours to China.

Alongside these noted historical spots, there are also several appealing natural attractions that include Huashan Mountain and Xiangyu Forest Park.

No. 1 Xi'an Attraction Huashan Mountain

Hua Shan Mountain Near Xi'an
It is one of the most famous mountains all around China. Full of steep trails and stairs, it challenges every traveler's gut.

Occasionally you would run into a few daredevils doing stunts while posing for pictures.You may wonder how far these people would go to get a "wow" from friends.

Highlight events beside climbing include watching the sunrise and sunset.

How to get there? This natural scenic spots in Xi'an is about 40 minutes by high-speed train.

Huashan Mountain, one of the China's Five Great Mountains and it is located in southern Shaanxi province. The highest point is the south peak of of the five summits this one caps out at 2,154 m. (7,069 ft.)

If you want to visit Huashan Mountain, you can go to Xi'an Cheng Dong Coach Station and take the regular bus from Xi'an to Huayin (Huashan Mountain). The bus runs every 15 minutes between 07:00 and 19:15.

You can climb steep stairs while holding on to the chain railings for support if you like hiking. If you are taking the cable car up, you are able to climb around the four peaks in about 3-4 hours.

No. 2 Xi'an Attraction the Giant Goose Pagoda

Giant Goose Pagoda During the Day, Xi'an China
It is also called Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Da Yan Ta in Chinese). It is a Buddhist pagoda located in southern Xi'an. It is about 4 km. (2 mi.) away from the city center.

Giant Goose Pagoda is a striking elegant building and is the symbol of Xi'an. It was built in 652 A.D. during the Tang Dynasty. 
One of the pagoda's functions was to hold sutras and figurines of the Buddha that were brought to China from India by the Buddhist translator and traveler Xuanzang.
There is a tradition in the Tang Dynasty: A candidate who passed the imperial examinations would have to climb up Giant Goose Pagoda and write poems and inscriptions on the top. This symbolized their soaring career in the future and the tradition extended well into The Ming Dynasty.
When you climb up the Giant Goose Pagoda, you will know that these poems and inscriptions are the best mirror into the past history of this ancient capital city.

No. 3 Xingyu Forest Park a Hidden Attraction of Xi'an

What can you do here in the Xiangyu Forest Park?

If you want to have fun within a day, you'd better get here as early as possible.

You are suggested to wear sports shoes, because the road is sometimes muddy especially on half of the mountain where it rains a lot.

Staying there with your friends for a night is a good choice; you can have a good time in Nongjiale, playing cards or fishing. 

Xiangyu Forest Park covering 29,000 acres, is a unique forests of Qinling Mountain state area. The forest coverage rate reached 94%, mainly of natural secondary forest, four seasons are different.

In spring, mountain flowers bloom, colorful; summer shade so high, cool. In autumn, leaves look like fire and there are numerous fruits. In the winter, the mountain is covered by snow. It could not be more beautiful! 

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