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Family means a lot to Chinese. Chinese New Year is the time when people in our country travel far and wide to get back to our family - the grandest migration of human beings on earth. Chinese netizens have been joking about the distinct comparison of metropolis on an average day vs the spring festival.

Chinese New Year - Going Home

A sea of people who would cross rivers and oceans to get back to their family.

Large cities like China's Capital City Beijing, the Oriental New York - Shanghai and the southern city Guangzhou would be empty during the holiday. It feels like there are 1.3 billion people on the subway of Beijing on a work day, and one week later the city become so empty as if it has gone through a holocaust during the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year - Red Doors

City geared up for the New Year in red - a festive color in China

It surely is not the greatest time to travel to China amongst a sea of people going home, however, that is the time when most Chinese traditions are brought to the table. 

Chinese New Year - Going Home

She is singing with her grandpa "home, sweet home" while waiting for the train

Also known as the Spring Festival, the Chinese Lunar New Year starts from Jan.31st in 2014 - the Year of Horse. Traditionally, it lasts for half a month, while the New Year flavor usually lingers on long before the New Year's eve.

Chinese New Year - Snow-covered-Lantem

Red Lantern covered by snow during the Spring Festival

What do Chinese do to celebrate the Spring Festival? Well, highlight activities includes watch Dragon and Lion Dance, hang up red lanterns, eat home-made sausage, Jiaozi or Tangyuan, watch the spring festival gala hosted by the state media CCTV, get or hand out Hongbao which has gift money inside. Best time ever for kids.

Chinese New Year Lion Dance

Lion Dance of Chinese New Year

All these are done with our family around. Businesses are closed and anyone working alone in another place other than home on Chinese New Year days would be considered very pathetic. Everybody will dress up and pass the festive time with fire crackers blowing off now and then. 

Chinese New Year - Street Show

Street Show of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year - Trinkets to Bring Blessing

Chinese New Year - trinkets to bring blessings

Chinese New Year - Cities dressed up

Ancient Chinese Musical Instrument decorated in red for the New Year

Chinese New Year Special Home Made Susage

Chinese New Year special home-made sausage

Chinese New Year paper cutting fire cracker

Chinese New Year paper cutting - fire cracker

Chinese New Year is the time when tradition overrides modernization. While it is not wise to travel by train to China as railways are heavily clogged during the holiday. You can still have a lot of fun. It is a great time to take tours China after February 14th - away from the mad crowd at cheaper prices.  Learn more about top 10 recommended winter travel destinations in China.

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