Shuhe Old Town


Shuhe Ancient Town is a cultural heritage and convergence of Nakhi culture. It is the first gathering place of Nakhi ancestors and is regarded as the origination place of Nakhi culture.

Moreover, it is famous as an important path on the Tea Road to Tibet and Cobbler Town, being listed as one of World Cultural Heritage Site and historic relics. Read on travel tips on this amazing ancient town.

Located in the core center of all the attractions in Lijiang City of Yunnan Province, the Shuhe Ancient Town is the transportation node of traveling to Old Town of Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Lugu Lake.

Shuhe Ancient Town

When we go in to the Shuhe Ancient Town, we are presented an enchanting sight of the ancient architectural buildings. Unlike the ancient buildings, all the houses here are made from stones, which make it look like caves of primitive people and more natural.

The town was built nestling under mountains and near the rivers. There are two main rivers and numerous channels criss-crossing the whole town, which together with the roads and houses make a dense web and link the town in a tight structure like a honeycomb.

When we go deeper into the Shuhe Old Town, we will reach the centural square, which is called the Shuhe Square Market. Varieties of goods are sold in the market and it is an important market of fur and feather in Lijiang.

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There are many shops located on the edge of the square and all the shops are old buildings with wooden doors and blue stones in the front, which gives you a natural and simple feeling.

Shuhe is also called Town of Springs. Go along the Shuhe Street for about 100 m, we will find the Longtan, which is regarded as the source of all the Stream and rivers and the Holy Spring in local people's eyes.

The water here is very clean and there is a temple of traditional Chinese architectural style in the north. This is also an important fur distribution land.

When we go out of the town, a vast land will come into our sight with many trees and grass on it.

When it is autumn the trees will be covered by yellow leaves which leaves a tranquil and quiet atmosphere for the old town.

The scenery is beautiful all the year round but it is recommended that you come here avoiding the busy seasons (May to October), for at that time there are so many people and is very crowded.

Final travel tips for you: the ticket price is 70 RMB (12 USD) for adults and 35 RMB (6 USD) for children. Spend 2 to 3 hours here, so that you can savor the great combination of natural beauty and cultural atmosphere. 

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