Yufeng Temple


Yufeng Temple

Yufeng Temple is famous for its architectural building and cultural heritage, although it is relatively small. There is a  beautiful camellia in front of the temple which makes it stand out among all the other temples.

Read on expert travel tips on where is it, best time to visit, what to see in there, its history, tickets price etc..

Located at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and is a short 13 km.(8 mi.) away from the Old Town of Lijiang in Yunnan Province. Built in the Qing Dynasty, it is one of the famous Lamaseries in  Lijiang City.

The history of the Yufeng Temple can be dated back to the year 1765 when China was under the reign of Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty. At first, there was nine courtyards in the temple, but because of many years' vicissitudes in the history,  nowadays there only remain only two courtyards and one main palace there.

From a far distance, we can see the temple is a distinguishing and unique building which combines the architectural style of Tibetan Buddhism, Han Buddhism and the local Nakhi culture with the ancient Chinese architectures, making it a great historic relics and a cultural concentration of Nakhi people.

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When we enter into the Yufeng Temple, a flourish and beautiful camellia will come into our sight. The camellia was grown about 1465 years ago and was regarded as the King of Camellias. Every spring when the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is still covered by snow, you will see thousands of camellias have come out and looked from thee front, it likes a peacock.

Yufeng Temple - Lijiang

However, when summer comes and all the other flowers fade, the tree is still covered by camellias. The camellia is well known for its long flowering phase, distinguish flowers and the grand sights, many people come here to take photos during that period. 

The surroundings of the Yufeng Temple is also very beautiful. Snow mountains, blue sky, ancient temple and the flowering camellias adds charm to this attraction.

Final travel tips for you, the best time to vist is from March to June. Spend one to two hours here, you will find the trip an impressive one. Ticket price is 25 RMB ( 4 USD). 

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