Old Town Of Lijiang


If you go to Lijiang City in China's southwest Yunnan province, the first stop should be the Old Town Of Lijiang. With a history of over 800 years, it is famous for its natural beauty, cultural heritage and has been ratified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site In 1997.

Most people living here are Nakhi ethnic groups, it is a historical relics blending the local custom of Hui, Han, Bai, Yi, Tibetan, Nakhi ethnic groups and architectural buildings. The old town is of high value for research and for tourism, which will surely one stop of your tours.

Old Town of Lijiang

Located on the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau with an altitude of 2, 400 m and covering a total area of 3.8 sq. km. (939 ac.), the Old Town of Lijiang was a well known town and market since the Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368 A.D.).

Unlike other old towns, this town doesn't have city walls surrounding it. When you enter into it, you will find many old earth wooden houses, smooth and clean slab stones roads and ubiquitous small rivers and bridges.

All the streets are built nestling under the mountains near the rivers and perfectly combines the natural beauty and artistic traditional Chinese architectures. Moreover, all the house of the residents, distinct in design, structure and layout, can perfectly reflect the excellent tradition of the ethnic people. 

Lijiang Old Town - Yunnan

The most outstanding attraction in the Old Town can be the old bridges. There are in total 354 bridges over the numerous rivers and the famous one is the Dashi (big stone) Bridge.

With a length of 100 m, it was built in Ming Dynasty and is made from wood. When you standing on it, you can see the reflection of the Yulong Snow Mountain in the clean river.

Other famous bridges include Suocui Bridge, Wanqian Bridges, Nanmen Bridges etc. All the bridges are of tradition Chinese architectural style and are good reflection of the excellent workmanship of the ancient people.

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Another attraction is the Wufeng Tower (five phoenix) in Fuguo Temple. With a total height of 20 m, it looks like five flying phoenix, thus getting the name. The tower is famous for its unique architectural style, 32 exquisitely caved pilars and delicate paintings of ethnic style on the ceiling. You won't know how wonderful the historical relics is unless you have a look at it in your own eyes.

Old Town of Lijiang - China

Other attractions include Baisha Buildings Group and Suhe residents building group and Wooden Palace. All the buildings are featured by its distinctive architectural styles and the murals in Baisha are of high values.

If you are interested in architectures, the old is surely a place worth going. The Old Town makes full use of the terrain and is surrounded by Lion Mountain, Xiang Mountain, Jinhong Mountain.

If you come here, you can also hiking to all these mountains and boat on the rivers besides studying the architectural buildings.

The Old Town of Lijiang is a paradise for tourism, which attracts many tourists from home and abroad. There is one saying that if you are coming to Lijiang, you will never know the local custom unless you to the bars in the Old town, where you can savor the leisure of life and all kinds of flavor form all over the world.

The best traveling time is Summer and Fall when the temperature is the most delightful and remember to bring to thick coats. The entrance fee is 80 RMB and we recommend half a day here and you will surely enjoy yourself. 


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