Qingyan ancient town


Qingyan Ancient Town is a unspoiled wonderland far away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Although small in size, Qingyan Ancient Town is hailed as the place most worthy of a visit in Guizhou. 

It is a paradise for travelers looking for a leisure tour. This ancient town is the most famous historical and cultural town in the sothern suburb of Guiyang City in Guizhou Province.

Read on travel tips on its history, what to see, local religion, ticket price and more. Built in 1378 and covering an area of 741 acres, it is featured by its delicate architectural buildings, pavilions, Catholic churches, Christian churches and local custom.

Qingyan Ancient Town

Bearing a history of more than 620 years, Qingyan Ancient Town is a convergence of ancient architectural buildings, temples, palaces, compounds, towers. 

It was originally built with earth for military reason but over so many years' vicissitudes and renovation, it has become a characteristic stone town, with criss- crossing street separating this land.

Nowadays, this town is a distinctive historic site of traditional architectural features in Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The ancient town is built nestling besides the mountain with reasonable layout and strong local flavors, which will surely make you acclaim as the peak of perfection.

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Walking along the old winding and narrow alley and the bluestone covered streets, you will find the old architectural buildings standing on both sides with black bricks and grey tiles, carved wooden window and doors, which leave a antique flavor for this town.

Another thing that make the Qingyan Ancient Town stand out is that there are not only old Chinese temples, but also solemn Catholic Churches and unique Christian Churches.

Qingyan Ancient Town

When standing on the city wall and looking ahead, you will find the pinnacle of the church towering high among the ancient town, presenting a great balance between the eastern and western culture. 

This is a wonderland for those religious people. You will be surprised to find that many residents here are Catholic and Christian and many of them are worshiping here. 

Final travel tips for you: If you are religious, this small tranquil town is also your good choice. There also many delicious local flavors, which will surely add great fun to your tour. Ticket price for Qingyan Ancient Town is 35 RMB (6 USD). One of the most popular WindhorseTour ethnic trip is an 9 day trip to leisurely experience the cultures in Guizhou and Zhangjiajie.

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