Jade Dragon Snow Mountian


Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Montains
The Jade Dragon Snow Mountian (玉龙雪山 Yùlóngxuě Shān)  is a holy mountain in the hearts Nakhi Ethnic people and is the highest snow mountain in the Northern Hemisphere at an elevation of 5,596 m. (18,360 ft.) Located in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province and standing on the bank of Tiger Leaping Gorge, it is famous for its magnificent snow peaks, glaciers, alpine meadow landscapes and virgin forests. This mountain boasts its natural wonders and scenic spots, being regarded as a National 5A Scenic Area and an ideal place for adventures.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is not only featured its grandness but also its changing landscapes in different time. Sometimes it is swathed by the clouds and looks like a sky beautiful girl; sometimes it is wreathed in the sunshine, the peaks seem to be washed clean and take on a kingdom of ice and snow. When summer comes, all kinds of flowers will come out to compare beauty with each other and the most famous 8 flowers can be found too. Moreover, you can find plants from Sub-tropical, temperate and boreal areas in different parts of the mountain, which make it a natural treasury of natural resources.

Main scenic area in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain include:

  • Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountains
    ShanZidou: It is the main peak of the mountain and is regarded as the Highest peak in the Northern Hemisphere with the lowest latitude. It is situated at an elevation of 5596 m and is an ideal place for adventure. The peak is famous for its magnificent and peculiar scenic spots and it is believed that only tourists brave enough can savor the great natural wonders.
  • GanHaizi: It is a vast alpine meadow situated in the east of the mountain and is in front of the towering eastern slope. When you come, you will get a spacious feeling and find many flocks and herds grazing leisurely and many other rare plants living there. It is the best place to watch the grand sight of the ShanziDou.
  • Serac Forest: There are all kinds of glaciers in the snow mountain including 19 modern glaciers. The most famous one worthy of sight viewing is the No. 1 White Water, which is located under the Shanzidou and looks like a cataract falling from the sky. When you go to the Serac Forest, you are presented with glaciers of different shapes. If you have the courage to come here, don't miss the grand natural wonders.

Other attractions include: the Whiter Water River, Spruce Plateau and so on. There is cable cars to take you to the top of mountain to enjoy the snowy sights. If you like, you can also ride a yak and horse to take photos or have fun. The best traveling time is from February to June when the landscape is the most charming and the temperature is the most delightful. If you come here, please make sure to bring your thick clothes and you can take a couch from Lijiang City directly to this scenic spots. The entrance fee is 190 RMB and if you would like to take cable cars, there is extra fees. We recommend you  spend half a day here and this natural will surely add great fun to your tour. 

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