Lijiang Dry Sea Meadow (Ganhaizi)


Lijiang Dry Sea is a vast natural meadow located at the eastern foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and is about 25 km. (15.5 mi.) from Old Town of Lijiang.  

Read on travel tips on its elevation, what to see, ticket price information and beyond. With an elevation of 3,100 m. (10,170 ft.), it used to be a highland lake and when the water dried up, a vast meadow formed and the Dry Sea got its name.

It is famous for its natural beauty, snow mountains surrounded and ethnic villages which has become an important scenic spot in China's southwestern Yunnan Province.

Lijiang Dry Sea

When you are standing on the Dry Sea, you will surely be overwhelmed by its enchanting natural beauty. A vast grassland are stretching itself to a far distance with varieties of pines embellished and flocks and herds grazing on it.

Every Spring when it is warm, it will be covered by all kinds of flowers and grass and the local ethnic groups such as Tibetan, Yi and Nakhi people will take their tents and cattle to live here.

There are also all kinds of rare animals living here such as pandas, golden monkeys which are of high value and add great charming to the land. 

The Dry Sea is Surrounded on three sides by the beautiful and lofty mountains, being regarded as the closest and the best place to get a full view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

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From here you could see every one of the thirteen peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain lining up from north to south, especially the highest peak Shanzidou that looks like an unfolded fan penetrating into the sky.

If you have a telescope, you can also see zigzag green glaciers which will enable you to savor the the great natural wonders of the magic green peaks. 

If you come to the Dry Sea, besides sightseeing you can also enjoy all kinds of activities such as skiing, grass-sliding, gliding, racehorse etc.

Nowadays many ethnic group villages, resorts, parks, racetracks and golf courses have been built on it.

When the night falls, tourist can also stay in the residents of the ethnic people and savor the tranquility and the solemn of the snow mountain.

Final travel tips for you: the entrance fee is included in the ticket price of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is recommended that you spend one hours here and you will surely be touched by the simple and natural atmosphere of the Dry Sea. 

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