Yubeng Village in Shangri-La


Yubeng Village

With reference to Shangri_ la in Yunnan Province, we will always remind of a beautiful and mysterious wonderland and Yubeng Village is an important parts of it. It is a secluded Tibetan Village situated at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain near the city of Shangri_ la. It is still a virgin land with few tourists getting there and is famous for its beautiful scenic spots, natural wonders and primitive atmosphere, which attracts many people who are interested in hiking and adventures.

With an altitude of 3,200 m. (10,499 ft.), Yubeng Village is an unpolluted land far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. There is only one way to to reach this village, which is surrounded by mountains on all sides. It is hard to imagine that it is a non-motorized means, tourists can only get there on foot or ride horses or mules. However arduous the trip is, it is worthwhile for a trying. When entering the village, you are presented with a beautiful virgin landscape such as snow mountain, grasslands, primitive forests, waterfalls, glaciers together with the peculiar Tibetan buildings which will leave a tranquil and holy atmosphere for this land.

Mountains in Yubeng Village

The whole Yubeng Village can be divided into the upper and lower section and two of them are distributed in the vast valley beside the snow mountain. In the upper village there are sites of the former camp of the Sino-Japanese mountain-climbing expedition that ended in tragedy in 1991. If you come to the lower village, you can have a look at a macabre and more charming attraction: Yubeng Waterfall. Because of the village's seclusion from the outside world, there only lived very few Tibetan people and all the people are living a primitive life. No hunting and deforestation are allowed and families are living together with brothers even having the same one girl as his wife!

The Yubeng Village is regarded as the Real Shangri_ la for its natural wonders and its mysterious lands is a temptation to tourists from all parts of the world. Moreover, many people also come here regarding it as one important stop to the Meiling mountain. If you want to savor the true charm of the mysterious Shangri_ la, this village is surely one stop of your tours. You can take a bus from Deqin County to Xidang Village then take a horse to this village. We recommend half a day here and all the wonders will surely gut your eyes. 


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Enquiring price to hike the yubeng village.
We are in shangri-la & have 4 nights
Have not hiked before. Is it very challenging?

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Hi Jodie,

Thanks for contacting us. We'd lovet o help you organzing the hiking tour to Yubeng Village, I've sent you an email with some suggestions for your review. Please check it and let me know your opnions. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.



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