Spruce plateau in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


What to see in Lijiang, the most famous ancient town in China?

Spruce Plateau

The first destination you will be told is the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Regarded as one important stop in this majestic mountain, Spruce Plateau is in the right foot of of its main peak. It a vast green lawn hiding in a flourish spruce forest. Located at an elevation of 3,240 m. (10,630 ft.) in Lijiang City, it is a beautiful and unspoilt land with splendid snow mountain, vast green lawn and exuberant forest, being regarded as a scenic spot and wonderland for tourism.

Legends about the Spruce Plateau are deeply rooted in the local Nakhi people's hearts. It is said that once two ancestors of Nakhi people fell in love with each other but their sweetly love were ruined by the Polygamy in the Feudal society. In order to defend their love and seek the love they desire, they come to the Spruce Plateau and killed themselves. Many years after their death, every year when it is Torch Festival, young girls and boys will come here to memories the two and their death are just symbol of pure love.

Spruce Plateau in Lijiang

The Spruce Plateau is regarded as the entrance to the heaven in the local people's eye. Standing on the lawn, you will find that the snow mountain is near at sight, Millennium glaciers are clearly visible and the blue sky seems to be at hand. Many animals like yak, scalpers and goats are wandering here, dipping their heads from time to time to graze the fresh grass. When you are hiking in the spruce forest, you will feel its tranquility and mysterious feeling enable you to forget all your worries. 

This is an unpolluted land with the most simple and unsophisticated custom. You will always find a Nakhi girl dressing in its traditional costume and from time to time you will hear beautiful songs from the deep woods. There is also a place for you to take the cable cars, by which you can get higher to the top of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The Spruce Plateau is a fantastic place and a tourism paradise to enjoy the primitive culture and beautiful landscape. Spending one hour here will surely add great fun to your tour. 

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