Shangri-la Bitahai Lake


The Bitahai Lake is a scenic spot famous for its intact natural wonders and picturesque landscapes. Located in the east of Shangri-la County and with an altitude of 3,538 m. (11,608 ft.), it is the highest alpine lake in Yunnan Province. It is a provincial natural reserve boasting its clear and tranquil water, beautiful spruce mountains and azalea fields surrounding, being regarded as a holy lake in the local people's eyes.

Bitahai Lake in Shangri-la

The Bitahai Lake is well known as the Emerald on the Plateau for it is situated in the joint of Yunnan and Tibetan Plateau. Looked from a far distance, it likes a magic mirror embellished between verdant forests. The water is pretty clean and if you take a boat on a fine day, you can see the water world 10 m. (33 ft.) below. Legend about the lake deeply rooted in the local Tibetan's hearts is that once there was fairy lady drop her magic mirror to the earth and the mirror was broken into pieces. The most beautiful one piece become today's Bitahai Lake and it is regarded as the most attractive lake in Shangri-la.

The most attractive feature of the Bitahai Lake is the island standing in the center of the lake. It looks like a green boat sailing in on the water with dense spruce and azalea woods covered with. You can take a boat to reach there and all the green grassland, singing birds and fragrant birds will surely make you feel intoxicated in the xanadu.

Bitahai Lake
The Bitahai Lake is also featured by the surrounding beautiful scenic spots with flourish spruce and azalea forests standing around the lake. The azalea flowers are always in full bloom but when it comes to May, the withered flowers will fall to the lake. Tourists can get the sight of fallen azalea flowers afloat on the water and eaten by fish while amusing themselves. However, after their eating, they will get drunk and float on the surface with their abdomen facing the sky. Because this is a unspoilt land, there has lived many precious water lives which is of high value for research. The most shocking thing is that there lived one fish having three lips!

The Bitaha Lake is a natural reserve and a beautiful scenic spots which is worthy of a trip. If you come to Shangri-la, you can take a bus to Shuangqiao and then ride a horse to the lake. Riding leisurely on the horse, you can also enjoy the beautiful landscape along the way. The entrance fee is 30 RMB and it is recommended that you spend half one to two hours here, which will surely add great fun to your tour.

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