Baishui River


The White Water River(白水河 Baishuihe) is located besides the Spruce Plateau at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and it is about 25 km. (16 mi.) away from Lijiang City in Yunnan Province. It looks like a white snake winding and hovering on the earth and run to the east. It is famous for clean water, natural wonders and scenic spots, which make it an important scenic spots in the snow Mountain area.

Lijiang White Water River

Taking a cable car from Spruce Plateau, you can get directly to the deep White Water River. We will snow and glaciers from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain melting and flowing down the slope, then form some brooks and waterfall over the cliff and finally joining with each other to become the river. For the reason that the riverbed is made up of grey and white marbles, the water seems to be white from a far distance, thus getting its name.

The first impression of the White Water Lake is its clean water and beautiful environment. The water is so clean that you can even see a small plants living in it. Standing on the bridge and the dam, you are presented with the grand snow mountain, glaciers and rapid flowing white water, which perfectly combine the Dynamic and static scenery. Taking a boat on the river, you can also have a taste of the natural purified water. The water is very cold even in the summer people can't bear the piercing cold when they are barefoot in it. 

White Water River in Yunnan

When the White Water River Flows though the bridge to the east, it meets with another river called Black Water River. It is also a river originating from the snow mountain and gets its name because of many black screes on the riverbed. Two rivers joins with each other and run  to the east in grand momentum. This river is also called Love River and Nakhi girls always make use of the piercing cold water to test her pursuers' love to her.

The White Water River is a fantastic wonderland with unpolluted scenic spots and unspoilt local culture. There is a White Water Platform which is regarded as the origin of the Nakhi culture. Spend one or two hours here and you can savor the enchanting beauty of the river and unique culture. It recommended that you take a couch from Lijiang City directly to this scenic area and No. 7 bus will take you to the ropeway at the snow mountain. If you come to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, don't forget this natural wonder. 

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