Guangzhou Martyrs' Memorial Garden


The most outstanding feature at Martyr's Park is the architecture. The combination of natural and geometrical structures, mausoleums, gardens, and the granite stone base create a unique style. If you are interested in architecture, consider adding this to your tour.

Yejianying Monument - Guangdong Martyrs Park

Located on Zhong'er Road No.92, Guǎngzhōu City (广州) in Guǎngdōng Province (广东), Martyr's Park is a free memorial park built in memory of those died in the historical event Guangzhou Uprising in December of 1927. In 1997, Martyr's Park became a National Patriotism Demonstration Base for primary and secondary school students. It's also one of the Hundred Classical Scenic Spots for Revolutionary Travel.

Guangzhou Martyr's Park covers an area of 18 hectares (45 acres) and has more than 16 scenic spots and places of interest. We would suggest a minimum of 3 to 4 hours to visit.

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Of the attractions in Martyrs' Park, the Revolutionary Pavilion is worth noting. It is located in the middle of the lake, and on the pavilion is a plaque with the words "Xue Ji Xuan Yuan (血祭轩辕)” meaning "offering one's blood to his ancestor." This quote is from Dong Biwu, a political leader in Chinese history. This pavilion is constructed in honor of two martrys: Chen Tiejun and Zhou Wenyong. Each had their marriage ceremony held on their execution spot and were killed following the ceremony.

Martyrs Park Pavilion Guangzhou

Other attractions include: Wartime Friendship Pavilion between Korea and China, Wartime Friendship Pavilion between Russia and China, and the lake. On the white marble stone you will find the inscription written by Premier who was an eminent and wise leader of the Communist Party in Chinese history. The surrounding scenery is rich and vibrant. Find a place to sit, watch people passing by, relax, and pass the afternoon.

Entrance Fee: Free

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