Kunming Dian Lake


Dian Chi Lake

Dian Lake (滇池 Diān Chí) or the Tien Lake is a typical freshwater lake in the southwestern Kunming City and the largest inland lake in Yunnan Province. It is famous for its natural beauty, scenic spots and cultural heritage nearby. Because of its location in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, it is regarded as the Sparkling Emerald of the Plateau and the center of all the scenes in Kunming. It is also an ideal summer resorts, which attracts many people from home and abroad.

Located at an altitude of 1,886 m. (6,188 ft.) and covers an area of 330 sq. km. (127 sq. mi.).  Dian Lake looks like a crescent in its appearance. What makes it stand out is the breathtaking and charming natural lake scene. It is surrounded by numerous mountains and many rivers join with each other here. Moreover, the color of the lake will change according to the weather and it is now a home for all kinds of birds. If you come here, you can rent a boat to enjoy the leisure of life and there are also sight seeing tower for you to see the birds and the grand landscape on the lake.

Dianchi in Yunnan

Many beautiful attractions surrounding the Dian Lake are also important features of it. The Haigeng park located in the northeast of the lake is an long causeway in the lake, with the water and weeping willows surrounded. There is a natural swimming pool in the south of Haigeng park and is a good stop for swimming lovers in summer. Recent years there has built a Yunnan fork custom village in the park, which enable tourist know more about the local custom of the ethnic groups, such as Yi, Dai, Bai and so on.

Dian Lake is also known as a health resort and there is a a place called Baiyukou which a famous scenic spot and an important place for rehabilitation. When you are visiting the lake, you can also do all kinds of games nearby, such as football, basketball and golf. There is large golf villa in the southwest of the Dian Lake and you can go there anytime as you want. If you are hungry, you can also savor all kinds of local flavors, such as Guoqian Rice Noodle, Qibaozi, Sixi Tangyuan and so on. Dianchi is a wonderful place  for tourists being regarded as the Hometown of Rice and fish. If you are coming to Kunming, this lake is surely one stop of your tours. All the wonders are waiting for you.

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