Dongchuan Red Land


Dongchuan Red Land 2

Dongchuan Red Land is the most splendid red earth in the world, even more beautiful than Rio de Janeiro.

Combining red land with barley terraces and snow-capped peaks, it is a natural wonder and the heaven for photographers! Read on WindhorseTour's travel tips for Dongchuan Red Land.

Located in the northeast of Kunming City, Yunan province, it is the most centralized, typical and unique red land on the Hongtu (red earth) Plateau.

With reference to Dongchuan Red Land, we always remind of one word "pallete". Dongchuan Red Land is famous for its breathtaking landscape and beautiful scenic spots.

The formation of the red land is because of the warm and humid climate in Yunnan, the Iron oxide in the soil deposited slowly through years and gradually developed an extraordinary reddish brown soil.

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Every September to December, some parts of the land is ready for plough and some parts are covered by green highland barley and other crops.

Dongchuan Red Land
Looking from afar, it looks like a gorgeous and colorful pallete. It is seldom visited by general tourists for its remoteness and inadequate lodging facilities, however, the land with picturesque scenery is paradise for photography fans. 

The most outstanding attraction in the Red Land is the Jiaozi (Sedan) Snow Mountain. Located at an altitude of 4,223 m.(13,854 ft.), it is regarded as the first mountain of Yunnan and it famous for its natural beauty.

When it is April, it is a world of flowers and the mountain is covered by cuckoos which will surely take your breath away. If you come in winter, you can see the unique and grand beauty of snow.

The Jiaozi Snow Mountain is a paradise for hiking and adventure. The best traveling time is from December to April when it is most beautiful season.

Other attraction in Dongguan Red Land include: Seven Color Slope, Jinxiu Countryside, Luoxia Gully. The most beautiful of which is the Luoxia Gully, which looks like a prominent work of the a painter, and great place for photographers.

Dongchuan Red Land - Yunnan

The Dongguan Red Land has gradually gained popularity among travelers fond of photographers. It is a must visit for 

Final travel tips for you, lower your expectation towards accommodations in this area. There are no modern advanced hotels in Dongchuan Red Land Scenic Area - travelers generally stay in hostels or local families there.

Another thing to pay attention to is that driving to Dongchuan from Kunming takes about 3 hours.

Think about it: how often do you see barley terraces with red lands and snow mountains all packed in one look? Make your Yunnan trip unique and adventurous by visiting the unforgettable Dongchuan Red Land! 

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