Kunming west hill


Located beside the Dian Lake, which is called the Sparkling Emerald of Plateau, Kunming West Hill is the most Famous hill in Kunming and one of the four scenic hills in Yunnan Province. Looking from a far distances, it looks like a giant sleeping Buddha or sleeping beauty, so it is also called the sleeping Beauty Hills or the Sleeping Buddha Hills. It is famous for its natural beauty, scenic spots and various temples on the hills.

West Hill in Kunming

There are peculiar peaks, green trees and hundreds of singing birds on the West Hill, which have made it a beautiful scenic spots. It has gained a reputation as the First wonderland in Yunnan since the ancient time. Standing at an altitude of 2,500 m (8,202 ft.), Nowadays, the West Hill has become a popular forest park for Kunming people's gathering and entertainment. There is and old saying that "三月三, 游西山" (come on, gathering in West Hill in March), when people from all directions will come here to sing the fork music, play lion dance and enjoy themselves to their heart' s content.

The main attractions of the West Hill is the Huating Temple. With a history of 900 year, it is the largest temple in Kunming. If you come here, you can see the ancient palaces, bell tower, three exquisitely caved golden Buddhism statues. The Huating Temple also boasts its beautiful environment and flourish plants which make feel happy and tranquil at heart.

West Hill

Another attraction in West Hill need to note is the Longmen Grotto. It is situated at the end of West Hill Scenic area and is the largest and most exquisite grotto in Yunnan. There are stone tables, stone house and stone Buddha here. It is well known in China and enjoy good reputation abroad. So there is an old saying that "If you don't go West Hill, you haven't been to Kunming; if you don't go to Longmen Grotto, you haven't been to West Hills".

Other attractions in the West Hill includes: Taihua Temple, Sanqing Pavilion, Yulan Garden, Tomb of Nie' er and so on. We can see from the above that the West Hill is a hill not just famous for its natural beauty but also its cultural heritage which leave a artistic atmosphere for the place. Visitors can come here to see the beautiful landscape but also enjoy the fun of hiking. You need to pay only 20 Yuan for the entrance fee, 30 Yuan for the Longmen Grotto and 5 Yuan for the sight seeing bus. Transportation to the Westlake is very convenient, you can take buses, and cars to get  there.

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