Urumqi southern mountain pasture


Urumqi Southern Mountain Pasture, also known as West White Poplar Gully, is located in the mountain area of North Celestial Mountainabout 75 km. (46 mi.) away from Urumqi City. Covering an area of about 200 sq.km. (50,000 ac.) and with 10 above Gullies stretching on a east-west range, it is famous as a scenic spot area, natural pasture and a place to be on summer holiday.

Urumqi Southern Mountain Pasture
The main attraction in the West White Poplar Gully is its excellent natural pasture, with beautiful flowers covered and flourish spruce surrounded.

There are several famous and beautiful channels such as The platform of Chrysanthemum, Shuixigou, Miaoergou, and so on. 

The platform of Chrysanthemum is on the aptitude of 2,000 - 2,400 m. (6,562 - 7,874 ft.)and with the width of 300 - 500 m. (984 - 1,640 ft.). It is featured by its grand Chrysanthemum show from April to October every year and is the typical scenery of Celestial Mountain.

There is also natural skiing resorts, of which the Tianshan (Celestial Mountain) international skiing resort is one of the best resorts in China, where you can feel both the beauty of winter and the happiness brought by exercise.

The core scenic spots in The Urumqi Southern Mountain Pasture is the West Poplars Ditch, which is a large summer pasture with a aptitude of 2,250 m. (7,382 ft.).

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The West poplars ditch is a scenic spot featured by forests, grassland, and waterfall and regarded as the best place to spend your summer holiday.

Village -Southern  Moutain Pasture - Urumqi

One interesting thing we can do here is to spend your time with the local people and to enjoy the lifestyle of Kazakhstan ethnic people

They will always let the guests to sit down in a circle and to savor all kind of delicious local food, such as toast whole lamp, milk tea and so on.

You can also enjoy horse-riding here which enable you to have a relaxing but invigorating summer holiday. Spending a whole day here is really worthwhile.

Entrance fee: 15 RMB/person

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