Heavenly lake of celestial mountains


Xinjiang Urumqi Heavenly Lake

Located in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Heavenly Lake of Celestial Mountains is a natural scenic spot famous for its peculiar lakes and snow mountains surrounding. Having been ratified as the first National Protection Area in 1982, it has been regarded as the national forest park by UNESCO, and been selected as one of the “50 places worth the foreigner going” by “Global Travel” in 2006.

The Heavenly Lake of Celestial Mountains is situated in the hillside of Mt Bogda in the eat of the Celestial Mountain at an altitude of 1,928 m. (6,325 ft.) and is a place of interest from the ancient time. It consists of four mountains and earth vertical natural landscape zone, Covering an area of about 380.69 sq.ms. The lake present with an shape of meniscus, with a length of 3,400 m. (11,155 ft.) and a largest width of 1,500 m.(4,921 ft.). In this area, the forest, the snow mountain, and the landscape incorporate perfectly with each other, leaving a grand sight for the area.

The Heavenly Lake can be divided into four scenic spot area: the north slop of the big Heavenly lake scenic area, the Big Heavenly lake area, One hundred thousand Luo Hannie winding mountain resort, Bogda Peak North Slope resort. All of this scenic areas are ornamented by peculiar mountains, lakes, or landscapes. One thing need to note is that there are many rare faunas such as snow lotus flower, Sage grass, and other precious medicines. They grow at an altitude of 2,600 m. (8,530 ft.) to 4,000 m. (13,123 ft.) and live in the fissure of rock mass of snow, withstanding -30 ℃ cold test, needing exactly five years time from sprout to blooms.

Heavenly Lake of Celestial Mountains
We recommend you stay one or two days hiking here to enjoy the natural beauty of snow mountain. If you like adventure, you can also take cable car or boat to explore the mystery of nature. Transportation in this area is convenient and food includes some local flavor such as roast whole lamb, Milk tea for you to enjoy yourself to your stomachs' content.

The entrance fee in busy seasons (from April 1st to October 31th) is 100 Yuan per person, and the price in off seasons is 40 Yuan per person.

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