Turpan sand therapy center


Turpan Sand Therapy Center

Have you ever heard of treating diseases with sand? If not, check it out 9 km. (5.6 mi.) east of Turpan, in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, where you'll find a Sand Therapy Center.

Sand treatment is a way to cure diseases by burying the patient's body in sand and treating it with the interaction of sunlight, heat, pressure and magnetic force.

This is a folk therapy invented by Turpan people taking advantage of the special climate and the geological conditions.

Since Turpan City is known as "the land of fire" is extremely hot and dry in summer, it's particularly effective for treatment of chronic diseases like arthritis and lumbago in sand during the hot spell in this Center.

Founded in 1972 by Uyghur Hospital of Turpan, the Sand Therapy Center aims to provide medical consultation, treatment, recuperation, food and accommodation to the patients.

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The Center presently have 16 staff members and 6 of them specialize in sand therapy. There are in total 800 beds, but they are able to receive about 900 patients. You have to pay 15 RMB for a single bed and generally 15 - 20 days are needed to complete a full treatment.

Sand Therapy Center

The sand dunes are usually 8 - 10 m. (26 ft.- 33 ft.) high enough to receive an abundant amount of sunlight.

These dunes contain the most magnetism and many other mineral substances which are all good for health.

Besides the function of treatment, it's also an ideal place to relax and get rid of daily pressure from work by the massage of sand.

Surrounding the sand dune are a hospital, hostels, canteens and other conveniences to make tourists feel very comfortable.

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