Shapotou National Nature Reserve


Shapotou - Zhongwei - Ningxia
Shapotou, the top desert safari destination in China, is located in Zhongwei, Ningxia Hui Automomus Region. It is listed as top 10 places to have fun in China. You can go sand skiing, ride camels, start your desert adventure in a 4WD, and beyond. 

It was built in 1984 to protect plants and animals of Tengri Desert in the north. Nowadays it has become a popular tourist attraction for the following reasons.

One of the feature of Shapotou Tourist Zone is that it's a place where you can go sand skiing while listening to the strange sound made by the sand falling down from one hundred meter high sand dune as you are sliding from its top.

This wonderful phenomenon is referred to as "Jinshamingzhong" which means the sound produced by the sand sliding from the top of the dune sounds somewhat like a bell ringing.

Shapotou desert - Zhongwei - Ningxia

Second, since there is a vast expanse of green grass growing in the desert in south of Shapotou, you are endowed with an opportunity to appreciate the breathtaking desert views while watching the train moving in the distant.

What's more, you also have the chance to experience how it feels to ride camels in the desert and take pictures while doing so.

Another reason why Shapotou Tourist Zone is so attractive is that sheepskin raft, an ancient river crossing equipment, is provided for you travel to the other shore of the Yellow River which is located right under Shapotou.

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What's more exciting is that you can choose to reach the other side of the Yellow River by cableway.

Shapotou - Ningxia
Besides, you can also watch the exotic dance show of strong national characteristics and experience the simple and quiet life in the countryside.

The delicous Yellow River carp is a dish that you cannot afford to miss when you visit there.

Shapotou opens from 6:00 - 19:00 every day and the admission fee is 60 RMB per person.

But if you want to cross the Yellow River by sheepskin raft or cableway, you'll be charged again for that.


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