Haba Snow Mountain


Famous Haba Snow Mountain (哈巴雪山), which lies to the southeast of Shangrila at a towering elevation of 5,396 m (17,700 ft), is highlighted by its precipitous and mysterious scenic vistas, which have drawn many adventurous hikers in recent years. Situated on one edge of breathtaking Tiger Leaping Gorge and facing Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, if you come to Yunnan Province, don't miss this majestic peak.

View from Yunnan's Haba Snow Mountain - China trekking

Seen from a distance, Haba Snow Mountain presents us with its year round ice-and-snow covered landscape. Towering tall and straight into the sky, the peak appears like a pyramid rising from the clouds.

Lower down toward the base, Haba is sure to suit anyone with a taste for the outdoors, with challenging hiking routes such as "28 Bends." As the name implies, the trail contains a punishing 28 cutbacks on the hike to the top, and coupled with the elevation, this climb is sure to challenge the most accomplished trekkers. The total distance of the 28 Bends Trail is 7 km (4.3 mi), but after the exhausting trip, the view from the top will make you glad to gutted it out. Before you lie the 13 peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, extending themselves casually over the winding Jinsha River and grand Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Yunnan, China - Haba Snow Mountain - Asia mountaineering

Besides the snowscape, Haba Snow Mountain is also worth seeing for its variety of natural climes. Because of its high altitude, the mountain can be divided into several climate zones, each with a unique variety of flora and fauna that are vertically distributed. You will find numerous rare animals, precious plants, and even a glacier on the mountain, which make it a treasure for both sightseeing and research. The most outstanding plant is the azalea, which is distributed over the whole of the mountain and composes some 70% of the azaleas in Yunnan Province. Moreover, there are waterfalls tumbling down the northeastern sides of the mountain, the most impressive being the Haba Waterfall, which is more than 200 m (656 ft) high and plummets down with amazing momentum.

Haba Snow Mountain is an adventure wonderland. If you have the courage, come and challenge yourself to a hike! The entrance fee is 30 RMB and you can take a bus from Shangrila directly to the mountain. 

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