Tomb of Mahmud Kashagari


The Tomb of Mahmud Kashagari (麻赫穆德• 喀什噶里墓) is located  about 45 km southwest of Kashgar city (喀什市), Xinjinag Uyghur Autonomous Region. Built on a 70 m_ high hill and covering an area of 1,200 sq.m, it is a well_known tomb to remember a great man Mahmud Kashagari and a typical traditional Islamic architecture. It is also famous for its natural beauty surrounding it. The tomb has been listed as one of the national cultural heritage under the protection of the goverment.

Mahmud Kashagari was a famous uighur scholar and linguist in 11 century. He has written Dictionary of the Turkish Language in in Arabi though long period' s reseach. This great work is just a records of centural Asian culture and language.  It has been translated into more than 10 kinds of characters and been regarded as the culture treasure in the Chinese and world's art treasury. Therefore, the tomb of Mahmud Kashagari is highly respected and admired by the later generation, referring it as the Saint Tomb.

The whole Tomb of Mahmud Kashagari can be divided into three parts: prayer hall in the front, coffin chamber in the north and memorial hall.  When we enter into the Tomb of Mahmud Kashagari, we can see a Huge portrait of Mahmud Kashagari, whose kind and resolute expression and deep vision just show his status as a scholar. There is also a relics__ exhibition hall, where all kinds of books and data about Mahmud Kashagari are placed here, from which you can get to know more about this cultural heritage.

Scenery surrounding the tomb makes it stand out. There is a small mosque in the east for the villagers to worship and a holy spring water in front of the tomb.   Besides the spring, there stands an old poplar with old branches and flourish leaves.  Moreover, there many flowers and trees surrouding the tomb, which leaves a Vibrant  sight for the tomb. It is recommended to spend half a day here to enjoy the natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Entrance fee: 10RMB

Traffic: Take a bus or coach from the Shufu county to get there. car rental is also available.


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