Hong Shan Park


Hongshan Park or the Red Mountain Park is situated in the city center of Urumqi City, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It is the symbol of Urumchi city at the elevation of 911 m. (2,986 ft.) and is well-known for the uniqueness of Red mountain and its natural beauty and magnificent scenic spots.

Hongshan Park

The Red Mountain looks like a megalosaurus seen from the the sky, whose head stretch into the Urumqi River.

Built on the Red Mountain, the Hongshan park is a natural mountain park which is rare in China. It got its name from the Red mountain made of Purple glutenite, and covers an area of 4,069 sq. km. (1,005 ac.)

There are 70 kinds of over 3,000 trees, and a pagoda on the top where many historical legends is saved.

Many entertainment equipment has also been built in the park. Nowadays the Hongshan Park is a comprehensive natural mountain park with sightseeing , historical and physical fitting meaning.

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Major attractions in Hongshan park includes: pagodas sunset, monument of national hero Lin Zexu, green stone sculpture, boating on south lake, Hongshan waterfall, etc. Standing on the top of the Hongshan, you are presented with a panorama of Urumchi city and look far into the distant Celestial Mountain.

Hongshan Park - Xinjiang

There also an amusement park, where you can have fun. Amusement equipment such as Rotor landslide, cable car, the Ferris Wheel, sightseeing bus and some others enable you to adventure and relax.

Every winter there is events about the silk road and the snow,which attracted more then 700,000 tourists here. Spend half a day here, you can savor the great combination of natural beauty and adventure.

Entrance fee:10 RMB


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