Urumqi Qinghai mosque


Urumqi Qinghai Mosque

The Urumqi Qinghai Mosque is located in the southwest of Urumqi City, China's Xinjiang  province.

Built in 1868 by one person from Qinghai province and renovated for two times, it now covers an area of 1.6 hectare (4 ac.).

It is famous for its architectural style and cultural heritage and is well-known as a religious site.

The whole mosque can be divided into two parts: the main hall and the umbrella gate house.

The main hall can accommodate 500 people, and many people come here to worship especially during some festivals.

When you enter into it, the stunning light blues, greens and pinks give this mosque a very special welcome and make you feel extremely calm and seem to be close to the God.

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If you are interested in architecture, the Qinghai Mosque is also a good choice. All the building here is of Islamic style and using the brick and wooden frame.

Urumqi Qinghai Mosque - Turkistan

Spend half a day here, you can savor the great combination of architectural style and the religious atmosphere. 

Entrance fee: Free



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