Karakuri Lake


Karakuri Lake Kashgar
Karakuri Lake, located at the foot of Muztagh Ata, is 191 km. (119 mi.) away from Kashgar city, China's northwest Xinjiang province.

Together with the famous Namtso Lake in Tibet and Qinghai Lake in Qinghai province, Karakuri Lake at the elevation of 3,600 m. (11,811 ft.), is one of the several rare and precious highland lakes in China.

It is also widely known as a Moraine Lake with enchanting natural beauty and lofty and mysterious snow mountains surrounded.

The Karakuri Lake is 30 m. (98 ft.) deep and covers an area of 10 sq.m. (108 sq. ft.). Along the shore of the lake, there is a large grassland with roaming flocks and herds. The most fantastical thing about the lake is its changing color of water.

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At dawn the Muztagh Ata and the blue water of the lake expose a mysterious atmosphere. With the ten minutes before the sunrise,the water change its color from purple to golden red and then to pink, showing a magical sight. When it is raining, the color turns to the black lead.

Karakuri Lake Grassland
Surrounding the Karakuri Lake, there are other snow mountains such as Mount Kongur and Jiubie Peak which add beautiful and mysterious color to the lake.

Every day when the sun rises, all the scenery surround the lake, lofty snow mountain, green grassland and herds, reflect in the lake, leaving a wonderland for the lake.

Every summer the Karakuri Lake will become the base for mountain hiker and the scenic spot for tourists.

There are Yurts, barracks besides the lake for tourists to live and also many delicious local-flavor food will enable you to enjoy your trip here. Spend half a day here or boating on the the Karakuri lake, you can savor the great combination of natural beauty and fun.

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