Kashgar old town


The Kashgar Old Town is located in the city center of Kashgar city (喀什市), Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Covering an area of 4.25 sq.m and with the population of 126,800, the old town is known as a place best reflecting the Uyghur lifestyle. It is regarded as the only Islamic city of labyrinth style with many traditional building boasting over 100years' history. It is one of Chinese cultural heritage and historic relics.

The earliest history of the Kashgar Old Town can be dated back to in Zhangqian's handwriting 2,000  years ago in Han Dynasty . From the historical records, we can know that it is a historical sites of a former imperial city called Karahan (喀喇汗) about 800 years ago. Nowadays it boasts the criss-crossing streets, flexible layout, brick_ wooden wall and labyrinth like house.

When you enter into the Karshgar old town, you can see the most outstanding attraction__ Old street. There are more than 200 streets criss_crossing and 23,000 residents living here within the 2sq,km. All the streets here, ranging from 50m to 600m, boast peculiar natural scenic spots, rich ethnic custom and splendid historical meaning and attracts many visitor from home and abroad.


Uyghurs' houses stands in both sides of the street. Generally all the houses are of two or three_floor built on a limited platform with brick and earth. Every house is of Balcony and courtyard. If you are walking in the street, you can see the beautiful flowers on the balcony and exquisitely caved pillar responding to each other, leaving a Vibrant atmosphere for the town.

Tourists are allowed to enter into the house of the residents and one interesting thing is that there are signs showing different things. For example, two open door shows that the host is in the home and one  open door shows the hostess is in. If you get lost in the streets ,don't worry, the brick under your feet, can give you direction . If the brick is 6 horns, you can get out while if it is 4 horns, the road in front of you is dead end. It is recommended half a day here to savor the perfect combination of ethnic custom and the natural beauty.

Taffic: Transportation here is very conveninet because the location: it is located in the city center and also near the Kashgar airport. Cars and buses can take you there. 

Entrance fee: Some place of the old town iare charged, the entrance fee is 30RMB




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