Getting in and out of Chengdu by rail


Bullet Train pulling out from Chengdu railway station - Sichuan, China
As the largest railway hub in southwest China, Chengdu has three train stations currently in service: the North, East, and South Stations. Rail travel is a relatively cheap and safe way to travel in China, so these stations are always bustling with activity. 

In recent years, the North Train Station has been the main railway station in Chengdu and handles the largest volume of passengers, but the newly-built East Train Station is quickly taking its place as the city's busiest depot. The South Train Station, on the other hand, is approaching 40 years of service and is gradually being faded out of use.

Reaching the North Station is quite easy, as the Chengdu Metro north terminus is next to the station, and consequently, the area around both stations is crowded with people and vendors. The South Station is also on the Metro line, though it is doubtful that travelers would need to catch a train from that station. The newly constructed East Station is along bus lines but has yet to be connected to the Metro line, so be aware that getting there from within the city takes a bit longer.

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