Chengdu East Train Station


The Chengdu East Train Station is located at on Balizhang Road, just inside the east section of Chengdu's third ring road, and is currently the largest and busiest railway station in western China. This newly-opened (July 1, 2011) station is massive, covering an area of around 130,600 sq. meters (1,405,766 sq. ft). Great attention was paid to the station's architectural design, including bronze mask elements at the eastern and western entrances and a model of the historic Jinsha sunbird logo on its roof. Furthermore, at least for the time being, the station is relatively efficient and free from the crowds and noise that plague Chengdu's North Train Station.

Passengers can easily catch buses into the city at the Eastern and Western Square Stations at either entrance, and the city is planning to offer travel by subway once Metro Lines 2 and 7 go into operation. There is also service to long-distance coach stations such as Chadianzi, Wuguiqiao and Shiling by a number of bus lines that run to and from the Chengdu East Train Station. Taxi's are also available.

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