Kunming Stone Forest


Kunming Stone Forest
Known as the 'First Wonder of the World' and one of the landmarks of Kuming City, the Stone Forest is a must go for any visitor traveling to Yunan's capital - Kunming, the Spring City with ever warm climate.

The Stone Forest is a Natural Museum of Geomorphologic wonders just 120 km. (75 mi.) away from Kunming, in the Shilin Yi Autonomous County of Yunnan Province. More travel tips including what to see, local festivals, ticket price and beyond below.

It is featured by the scenic spots of surprisingly artistic stones and breathtaking geomorphologic landscape, which is precious and marvelous spectacle worldwide.

When you enter into the Stone Forest, you will surely be subdued by the masterpiece of the nature. In an area of 400 sq. km.(154 sq.mi.), there are numbers of  marvelous giant stones. Some of them crisscross with each other and some of them stand alone leaving a gorgeous and artistic sight for this forest.

Kunming Stone Forest - Yunnan

Because of years of rain and wind erosion, the Stone Forest present with us all kinds of landform and gestures, such as toppens, stone pillars, stalagmites, Clint which is of typical features of karst landform.

The most outstanding attractions in Stone Forest include: 

The Big Stone Forest: All the scenic area is made up of intensive toppens with the highest one of 40 m.(131 ft.). There are all of forms such as lotus peak, Orchids deep canyons, Phoenix comb wing and other outstanding features.

There are also pavilions for watching the whole scenic spots, which will help you to get the panorama of the forest. If you are coming here, remember to find a guide or a map with you, or you may get lost easily.

Lizi Yuanqing: If you come here, you can see many natural stalagnates which towering high above the earth. All the sights in the forest are keeping its original beauty and there are not so many high trees here which makes the stalagnates stand out.

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If you come here, you can also find that there are ancient murals of people, animals, moon drawing on the wall in the southeast of the forest, which can truly show the culture of ancient people.

Kunming Stone Forest - Entrance

Besides the Lizi Yuanqing, you can find the Lucid Ganoderma. It is of millions of years and made of stone and looks like a lucid ganoderma, so it gets its name.

Naigu Stone Forest: It is located in the North of the Stone Forest and is made of black pine stones.

When you enter into it, you will you find yourself in the sea of black stones and feel horrible at heart. All the sight here is different from other places and worthy of a seeing. 

Other attractions of the Stone Forest include: Dadieshui Cataract, Long Lake, Zhiyun Cave, Qifeng Cave etc..

What need to note is that the Zhiyun Cave is a famous and most popular karst cave in the Stone forest. It is a natural wonder of of karst cave underground and there are numerous magical sight which will surely draw your interest.

Stone Forest

The Stone Forest is one of the cultural heritage of high value for scientific researches. It is also a national AAAAA scenic spots in China and world geological park in the world.

Besides sight seeing, there is another thing which makes the Stone Forest uniquely attractive: the Torch Festival of Kunming. 

Every year in 24th of June, the ethnic people living in Kunming will hold the grand bull fighting, wrestling and dancing to celebrate this festival in the Stone Forest.

Final travel tips for you: be ready to experience these genuine local customs, which will surely add great fun to your tour. Ticket price for Stone Forest is 170 RMB (28 USD).

Let yourself to be amazed by the fantastic Stone Forest. It will make your journey to Yunnan perfectly impressive!

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