Lijiang Black Dragon Pool


Black Dragon Pool

The Black Dragon Pool, also called Jade Spring Park, is located at the foot of Elephant Hill in the north of Lijiang City, Yunnan Province and is near the Lijiang ancient town. It is a beautiful pool with clean water, peculiar pavilions and fascinating landscapes, which make it stand out as scenic spots and has attracted many tourists from home and abroad.

When we reach the Black Dragon Pool, we will find that strands of springs are flowing out of the Elephant Mountain and mingle their water on the land becoming this pool. The water is so clean that we can even see the fish and plants on the bottom of the pool. Variety of birds and water-life, including spectacular plants are living in it. There are many weeping willows standing at the bank and high mountains in a far distance. You may even see the beautiful sight of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the blue sky and the white clouds, which add charming to the pool. 

Black Dragon Pool in Lijiang

Standing along colored cobbled bridge in the center of the Black Dragon Pool, you can see numerous pavilions towering in the water, which are of traditional Chinese architectural style. The most famous ones include: Wufeng (Five Phoenix) Pavilion, Dragon Shrines, Deyue Pavilion and so on. The Dragon Shrines is the main building in the pool, which is located in the east of the pool and an important temple for worshiping. The Wufeng Pavilion got its name because its five peculiar eaves looks like a flying phoenix and is regarded as a provincial cultural relics.

If you come to the Black Dragon Pool, there are numerous activities you can do here, such as hiking, boating, fishing, sightseeing, skiing and so on. The entrance fee is 30 RMB for adults and 15 RMB for children. If you come to Lijiang ancient town, don't forget to have a look at all these natural sights in the pool.

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