Jiaxiu Pavilion


Jiaxiu Tower is a famous and magnificent three-level pavilion in Guiyang City known as a landmark of China's southwestern Guizhou Province. It is a must stop in your Guiyang City tour. This tower is a national cultural heritage under protection now. 

Built on the Fuyu Bridge over the Nanming River, it is famous for its unique architectural style and natural scenic spots surrounded. Read on travel tips on its history, what to see, ticket price and more. 

Jiaxiu Tower

The history of the Jiaxiu Tower can be dated back to the year 1598 in Ming Dynasty, when many intellectuals studied very hard in order to get an official rank in the court. 

In order to encourage them, the local majesty ordered to build a causeway linking the southern bank of the Nanming River. Later a pavilion was built on the causeway to honor the first scholar at that time, thus the tower was called "Jiaxiu Tower", meaning the "First Scholar's Tower".

Thereafter, the tower is known as a place for its artistic atmosphere and there has left many poems exquisitely caved on the pillars eulogizing the everlasting life of the tower.

The Jiaxiu Tower is of unique architectural styles, with 3 stories, 3 eaves, 4 corners and dome attic, which is the only one in Chinese architectural history. It is about 20 m. (66 ft.) high with upturned eaves and all the eaves are supported by 12 stone columns and protected by white carved stone fence.

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It stands high above the Fuyu Bridge and if you get on to the top, you can get a panorama of the whole scenic area. You can also find the 90 m. (295 ft.) long Fuyu Bridge like a white dragon floating on the clean water.

If you come into Jiaxiu Tower, you will find many collections of authentic works and paintings left from ancient calligraphers. The most famous of them is one couplet written by Liu Yushang, which is made up of 206 words, 26 words more than the "longest couplet" preserved in the Big Guan Tower in Kunming.

Jiaxiu Tower
The couplet is not only famous for its length but also its great contribution to literature for its delicate and magnificent choice of words. 

Jiaxiu Tower is a historical site and a cultural heritage, which will surely draw your attention.

If you come here at night, it will present with you another different scenic spots with colorful lanterns and the tower reflected in the water, which make the tower a dream land for tourism.

Final travel tips for you: make Jiaxiu Tower your first stop in Guiyang - it is near Dananmen Gate in the downtown. The ticket price is only 4 RMB (0.7 USD). 

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