15 days Zhangjiajie and Chengdu around tour - 2016-5-19-P1-Stephen-49236


Feedback from Stephen for His Chengdu Tour
Feedback from Stephen for His Jiuzhaigou Tour
Stephen attending the cooking class in Chengdu
Group Size: 
1 Person
Tour Itinerary: 
This tour allows you to visit the most beautiful national parks in China: Jiuzhaigou National Park and Zhangjiajie National Park. You will also get to Chengdu and around to have a close touch with pandas, to visit Dujiangyan, Mt. Qingcheng, Leshan, as well as Mt. Emei.
Tour Highlights: 
Cooking Class, Panda, Jiuzhaigou National Park, Zhangjiajie National Park
Tour Dates: 
05/19/2016 to 06/02/2016
The most memorable part about my WindhorseTour is . . .: 
cooking class, Mt. Emei, Tianmen Mountain, night show at Zhangjiajie Park, mountain, lakes, trees.