Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture


Tibetan People in Guoluo

Name: Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (果洛藏族自治州)

Location: Guoluo is located in the interior land of Qinghai_ Tibetan Plateau and the southeast of Qinghai Province

Population: 155,306 (in 2007)

Area: 78,000 sq. km. (30,116 sq. mi.), taking 10% of the total land of Qinghai Province.

Guoluo is located at the elevation of 6282 m. (20,610 ft.) and is a large prefecture with low population, vast grassland, high terrain and abundant resources. It is 440 km. (273 mi.) away from the capital city Xinning and it borders Gansu, sichuan Province and Yushu, Hainan, Haixi and Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province. It is a vast land famous as one of the agriculture and animal husbandry base in China.

Guoluo is of typical Continental Plateau Climate because of the high elevation. Temperature is very low all the year round with an average temperature of 4℃ and it varies a lot between a day. There are only two seasons in a year: the winter and the summer. The winter is long and cold with much windy and snow hail weather. The summer is short and cool with much rainy days. The natural condition is rough here, if you want to pay a visit to this land, you need to be careful about the elevation reaction and take more thick clothes with you.

The magical, rich and beautiful Guoluo is abundant in its tourism resources. There are high snow mountains inserting into the whiter cloud, virgin forests covering up the sky, numerous lakes embellishing on the vast golden grassland and millions of flocks and herds, which all together leaves a gorgeous sight for Guoluo. Moreover, Guoluo is also its unique ethnic custom and cultural heritage and Nowadays it has become a wonderland for hiking and adventure.

The most important attractions here include:

Amnye Machen Mountains

The Amnye Machen Snow Mountain: It a famous snow mountain located at the Snow-covered Plateau at an elevation of 6282 m. (20,610 ft.). Looking from a far distance, you will surely admire the grand sight natural wonders of the snow mountain. Moreover, there are all kinds of precious plants, wild animals and peculiar peaks in the mountain. If you come here, you must have a look at the sunrise in the morning and enjoy the flying snowflake in June, which can been never seen in other place. It is said that if you happen to the sunrise, you will achieve great success in the future. There are also places for the Tibetan celestial burial. Maybe you have never seen it before and these places are allowed to access, don't miss this chance to come here for the adventurous experience.

Guoluo Temples

Baiyun Temple: With a history of 140 years, it is famous a historical site and the largest and most influential temple left from the ancient time. It is also feature by the natural scene and exquisitely caved architectural building and large scale of Buddha.

Other attractions include: Tuosuo Lake, Makehe Virgin Forest, Mayu Cultural Center and so on and the best traveling time is July and August, when the weather is the most delightful then. If you come to Qinghai Province and want to adventure, you can come here to enjoy yourself to your heart's content.

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