Liupanshan National Forest Park


Liupan Mountains has long been known for beautiful scenery formed by the mirror-like lakes, precipitous cliffs and verdant forests.

Read on travel tips about what to see in Liupan Mountains, ticket price, and its distinct Hui culture.

Liupan Mountains is one of the youngest mountain ranges in China. It is located at the intersection of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Gansu Province and Shaanxi Province.

It extends 200 km. (124 mi.) with the main peak reaching a height of 2,942 m. (9,652 ft.). It serves as a protective screen for Guanzhong plain and is an important watershed for the northern part of China. Jing River, a branch of the Yellow River originates right from here.

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It is covered by different kinds of green and lush trees. Their color vary with each season and adds to the beauty of the mountains. Standing on top of it, you'll be able to see the vast expanse of terraced fields below and the distant green mountains rolling on endlessly.

On a winter morning when the mountains are shrouded by clouds of mist, you may have the illusion of living in a fairyland.

Liupan Mountains enjoy an abundant of sunlight with four pleasant seasons. Summer time is said to be short and not as hot as in most other places of China.

Thus provides a natural resort for tourists to escape the intense heat in hot summer. At present, there are more than 788 species of higher plants, 38 species of beasts, 200 vertebrates, and 147 species of birds inhabiting in the mountains.

In October 1935, Chairman Mao Zedong leading the Red Army of Workers and Peasants reaches Liupan Mountains and wrote a poem called "Liupanshan" for it.

In order to commemorate the successful Long March, a pavilion was built on top of the mountain with an inscription writtern by Hu Yaobang, one of the leaders in Chinese history.

Besides the enchanting landscapes, Liupan Mountains is also endowed with the characteristic Hui culture.

The local food culture and customs together with the unique architecture of the Hui people have attracted an increasing number of visitors.

Final travel tips for you: go local and observe the life of the Hui people. Note that they do not eat pork as they are mostly Muslims.

The ticket price is 60 RMB (10 USD). For your information, a national forest park has been built up on Liupan Mountains. 

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