Zhujiajiao - best ancient town in Shanghai


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Would you like to know the ancient towns in Shanghai with traditional cultures? If yes, Zhujiajiao is the first destination which you should choose when you travel to Shanghai.

Zhujiajiao is a water town on the outskirts of Shanghai. Today 36 stone bridges and numerous rivers line there and many ancient buildings still line on the riverbanks. With a history of more than 1,700 years, Shanghain protects the ancient town together and the heart to protect the ancient towns in Shanghai will never wither or fall.

There are several ancient towns in Shanghai: Zhujiajiao, Qibao Ancient Town and Fengjing Ancient Town.

Each of them has their own view of attraction. Zhujiajiao is the best-preserved among the ancient towns in Shanghai. These ancient towns in Shanghai are far from the modern sites of the city seen today. You can still find houses with full of people in the courtyards and leisurely in their daily life. The view of the stream flowing under the old bridges with the shadow of the willow tree gives you a beautiful picture of tranquility. 

As mentioned previously, Zhujiajiao is a typical water village. So boating is a good way to experience how people used to move around in the old days. It is a kind of unique thing to boat here.

Two kinds of boat rides are available in Zhujiajiao: canal gondolas and lake trips. You can choose the way you want. For the canal gondolas which includes short distance (60 RMB per boat) and long distance (120 RMB per boat), each gondola can seat 6 people.

For the lake trip, the tickets for these trips are charged per person, and will usually cost you between 40 - 60 RMB for a trip with lasting either 30 minutes or an hour.

Another thing to do here is walking along the ancient streets. There are quite a few specific sights. The main thoroughfare in Zhujiajiao is lined with old buildings. Some are many hundred years old, it makes for a nice stroll from the Fansheng Bridge in the northeast to the Handicraft Exhibition Hall and the Tongtianhe Pharmacy in the southwest.

You also can spend your time in Cafes and Teahouses when you are walking along the streets. The Book Room and Time of China are the recommended places for you. Book Room is a Cafe with about 30,000 Chinese books and more than 7,000 DVDs. It just likes a mini library. They also provide organic drinks and homemade food, it is an amazing place.

You should know the location of the Zhujiajiao when you travel to Shanghai. It is a township in the Qingpu District of the Shanghai.

You can get both to and from Zhujiajiao by taxi. It will cost you 150 - 200 RMB. It is much more expensive than bus. Taking a bus from the bus station at the Puanlu bus station near People's Square or the bus station at Shanghai Ti Yu Guan Station is the most affordable way to travel to Zhujiajiao.

This should take around 1 hour and the fare is about 12 RMB. If you think both of the bus and taxi are difficult to find, your China travel agency WindhorseTour can arrange transportation for you directly to the Zhujiajiao. Look at Shanghai City Highlight & Outskirts to get more information.

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