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As for most travelers who want have a good taste of Chengdu traditional culture, Jili street must is the best choice among the Chengdu attractions.

Jinli Street is adjacent to the Wuhou Temple and it is one of the well preserved old streets of Chengdu. 

You can take leisurely walks and spend your free time in Jinli street just like the Chengdu residents do. Among the places to visit in Chengdu tours, Jinli street is an attracting place and never disappoints you!

Jinli street has been through three unique period times in Chinese history: Qin Dynasty (221-207 B.C.); the Han Dynasty (206-220 B.C. ) and the Three Kingdom periods (220-280 B.C.). When it was officially opened to public in 2004, Jinli street became a part of the Wuhou Temple. As you can see now, all the buildings in Jinli street are in Qing Dynasty style and have also added the Three Kingdoms Culture as the theme.

Jinli street is paved with 550 m. (1,804 ft.) long green flagstones. Walking along the narrow street, you'll have opportunity to buy Chengdu souvenirs which is surrounded by old-style stores, such as Shu embroidery. What 's more different from other Chengdu attractions is that Jinli street provides the most variety of specialty foods stalls, such as Zhangfei Beef which you can only buy at Langzhong.

As you come to the snacks part of Jinli street, you shouldn't miss the Sichuan foods like San Da Pao. Along with the local and traditional snacks there are places like Starbucks, which is designed in the theme of the old street, where you can grab a quick coffee and a muffin.

It's rare chance to see Sichuan Opera if you go to many places to visit in Chengdu. However, Jinli street provides the great chance to enjoy Sichuan Opera which is a highly recommend performance.

Open air movie, traditional clothing show and sounding night watches also perform in Jinli street. Another interesting show is you can see the local wedding ceremonies in Jinli street. Sometimes tourists are told to participate in the show.

During the traditional festivals, Jinli street will hold some activities. Some of the examples are eating Zonzi (a traditional Chinese foods and mainly items is rice and sugars) competition in Dragon Boat; Lantern Festival holds lantern exhibitions and a few more other festivals. You can try the way of Chinese ear cleaning which uses a traditional method but special way to clean your ears.

Travelers who have experienced have said that is a wonderful thing to try! If you want to share your Jinli street trip, there is a store where you can buy postcards. Once you have written the correct address down on the postcard you have picked, the store will help you to send it to your friends and family.

No matter how many ancient towns you've been seen in China, Jinli street is certainly worth a visit. Despite the whole architecture is in old style, but it really lets you see the authentic Chengdu. Undoubtedly, it's the best spot to see in Chengdu and its culture is better than the other Chengdu attractions. Just pick a sunny day and take a book to read to spend your time in Jinli street.

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