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Autumn in Sichuan's scenic area - Jiuzhaigou valley

Many people may ask which season will be the most beautiful season in Jiuzhaigou Valley. That’s really a tough question because in Jiuzhaigou, all of the four seasons are worth visiting and each has its special points. Most people who travel in Sichuan to visit Jiuzhaigou Valley believe that the colorful season of autumn is the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou. In the following paragraphs, through several fabulous photos, it gives you the information uncovering the secrets of Jiuzhaigou Valley.

Water in Jiuzhai Valley - Sichuan province

First picture comes with the clean and ice-cold water flowing under the mountain, with blue sky and herds of clouds flying. Water is one of the sight-viewpoint in Jiuzhaigou Valley. If the cold water does not scare you then take off your shoes and carry it in your hands and walk in the light water. While your feet are touching the stones, you are playing with the fairies of the valley. If you love this feeling and the fairies will bring you more surprises and pleasure. In autumn, the water seems to be in maturity, like people, not like the summer, flowing in a sparking pace.

Romantic View in Jiuzhaigou Valley in Sichuan

One of the tourists was quoted saying “I want to use all the heavenly words to give the best description to Jiuzhaigou Valley, and that is still not enough. I am speechless, wondering in its luxuriant colors, getting the chance to enjoy the short piece of luxurious romance. Indeed, autumn in Jiuzhaigou is enriched in all colors. In autumn, the plants here turn in to different colors, just like the women’s rouge or when the girls flush with the sight of romance. Remember, when all the leaves are in colors, it’s your best time to know the valley.

The rain under the sun in Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan.

Another secret is that it often rains in the sun in the valley. This kind of atmosphere is more often to be seen in summer. But in autumn, this rain is not rare. Local people call this kind of rain the rain in the sun. Here in the Five Colors Pond, it can be sunny one moment and then when the dark clouds come flying in, it starts to rain again. Some tourists put up their umbrellas, some wear the hat to prevent from the rain. The leaves on the branches turn to yellow, conveying the news of autumn. The raindrops falling down on the pond mirror, forming a series of pearls dancing on the giant dish, plays a melody what is called the nature.

Perfect Season - Autumn - Sichuan

This sums up that  the autumn of Jiuzhaigou Valley is the most symbolic art work for tourists traveling in Sichuan, Jiuzhaigou Valley. It seems that this picture is more like a canvas. Actually, the photographer focuses on the water and with the water constantly moving the inverted image of trees show a perfect effect. Is it in a dream or the real world? It is really a colorful autumn, like a painting art work. From the clean and ice-cold water, to the miraculous rain in the sun, all of these fascinates each tourist in their heart. This autumn travel in Sichuan and take a wonderful experience in Jiuzhaigou Valley. Your Jiuzhaigou Valley autumn sightseeing awaits you as it is the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou!

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