15 days Yunnan Tibet tour to Kathmandu

⇀ Dali
⇀ Lijiang
⇀ Shangri-la
⇀ Lhasa
⇀ Shigatse
⇀ Mount Everest
⇀ Zhangmu
⇀ Kathmandu
This tour from Yunnan to Tibet involves two of the most beautiful places in China. Shangri-la, Mount Everest, every stop is overflowing with picturesque scenery. Much more awaits to be discovered as you have an overland trip to Kathmandu.
15 days
Photography, Natural scenery, Overland
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From ¥ 14,400 per person

Travel from Yunnan to Tibet is one of the most fabulous journey in China. Stop at several dreamlike places: Kunming, Shangri-la, Lhasa and Mount Everest to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and the plain and sincere folkways. Mixed with a Tibetan cultural tour as you explore the magnificent Potala Palace and other famous monasteries in Tibet. This fantastic tour ends with an overland trip to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. 

Day 01 :
Arrive Kunming

Your fabulous journey gets started upon your arrival in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province. You will be warmly greeted at the airport or railway station and assisted to the downtown hotel by your local guide and driver. Have the rest of the day to relax or explore this city on your own. 

Day 02 :
Kunming City Tour

Start today's trip with a visit to the Bamboo Temple in the western outskirts of Kunming city. The temple is noted for over 500 colorful and lifelike arhat statues built during Qing dynasty. These arhats were famous monks who had achieved great attainment in Buddhism. Learn about their stories from your guide while wandering in the temple. 

 In the afternoon, immerse yourself into the fabulous world of the Stone Forest located southwest of Kunming. Known as world’s Karst landscape museum, the stones in the forest appear numerous unique shapes including swords, mushrooms or towers, representing the greatest miracle that nature could make.  In the evening, you may choose to enjoy an impressive dance musical 'Dynamic Yunnan' as an optional sightseeing (ticket fee is not included) before driving back to your hotel.

Day 03 :
Flight to Dali - Dali City Tour


Take a morning flight to Dali, a great place for romantic relationships. It’s four views, namely, wind, flower, snow and the moon are long celebrated by Chinese lovers.  Upon arrival, you’ll head to the Three Pagodas, a symbol of the history of ancient Dali city. It was once a temple that contained three independent pagodas forming a symmetrical triangle. Walk around the pagodas and the Reflection lake (Juying Chi) behind them. Bed sure to check out the reflection of these pagodas. Afterwards, enjoy a cruise on Erhai Lake, where you will enjoy the blue and peaceful water long known as Pearl at the Plateau. Appreciate  the breathtaking scenery of old Dali city along its banks.  In the afternoon, head to the Yan's Compound of Bai Minority, one of the most representative of Bai-style residences in Yunnan Province. The compound is located in Xizhou, about 13 km. (8.08 mi.) from the Dali City.  Take your time to explore the ancient Bai Minority culture, and prepare to be amazed by the unique layout and appearances of its’ architectures. End today's trip with a short visit to a batik workshop. Where you can catch a glimpse of the ancient tie-dyeing craft in Yunnan and pick up a few keepsakes.

Day 04 :
Dali Ancient Town Sightseeing - Drive to Lijiang - Lijiang Sightseeing

Take a 3.5 hours' drive to Lijiang this morning, a fantastic place noted for romantic encounters. On the way, take a short stop to visit Shaping Bazaar, a long-historical market located in Shangguan Town off the north bank of Erhai Lake, where you can buy souvenirs like jade article, embroider, multitudinous curios and many more.  It is noon when you arrive at Lijiang. After getting settled into your hotel, make an excursion to the Black Dragon Pool on the northern edge of town. Enjoy an outstanding view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong mountain) in distance and explore traditional stone buildings and bridges here, this park is also one of the best places in China to take photos. Next up is a visit to Dongba Museum to learn about the splendid Dongba culture in Lijiang.  Return to downtown Lijiang when you are ready. Rest in one of the local tea houses or explore the narrow streets in Lijiang ancient town. 

Day 05 :
Lijiang Sightseeing Tour


Spend much of your time today on enjoying the natural scenery and rich local culture in Lijiang. The first destination will be Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, a 5,596 m. (18,539 ft.) glacier made up of 13 magnificent peaks. Ride a cable car up to a high grassland meadow, where you can witness the 13 peaks lively in distance. As you descend the mountain, every step will reveal a breath-taking view. Afterwards, head to Baisha Village, an ancient settlement of Naxi culture where you can explore the local architectures. The village is noted for the Mural painted during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644 A. D.), blending with the artistic styles of the Naxi, Tibet and Bai minorities. Spend some time to visit one local family in the village, learn about their ancient culture that is still in practice today.  In the afternoon, drive back to Lijiang ancient town. The rest of the day is left open for you to walk around and explore on your own or with your guide. In the evening, enjoy a live Naxi music and dance performance at Dongba Palace.

Day 06 :
Drive to Shangri-la - Shangri-la Sightseeing

Morning drive to Shangri-la and stop to visit the First Bend of Yangtze River, Stone Drum Town and Tiger Leaping Gorge along the way. While arriving at the First Bend of Yangtze River, you will see an extraordinary turn which forces the Yangtze to make a sudden V-shaped bend and flow to the northeast, presenting numerous beautiful and marvelous views. Stone Drum Town is the second famous spot along the way. The town got its name from a drum-shaped marble plaque, which is a monument commemorating the victory of Lijiang's Naxi ruler over an invading Tibetan army.

Head to the Tiger Leaping Gorge before arriving Shangri-la. From the top of the gorge it offers a spectacular sightseeing of the steeply angled mountain siding to the rushing Golden Sands River with its 18 frothing rapids more than 200 m. (700 ft.) below. Upon arrival in Shangri-la, take a rest in your hotel to prepare for the next day.

Day 07 :
Shangri-la Tour

Spend the whole day on visiting the highlights in Shangri-la, a mystical and harmoniuos place that was firstly described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton. Start the trip by heading to Sumtseling Monastery, wiich is regarded as the larggest Tibetan Buddhism Temple in Yunnan. The monastery was constructed imitating the design of the Polata Palace in Lhasa, where you will visit in the next two days, and hence came the alias 'the little Potala Palace'.  

Afterwards, drive to Pudacuo National Park in the east of Shangri-la. Regarded as one of the most biodiversity regions of the world, the park well preserves many classic features of China’s southwestern region together with various aspects of traditional nomadic Tibetan plateau life. Focus on visiting two lakes in the park, Bitahai Lake and Shudu Lake. Bitahai Lake is also called the pearl of the Plateau because of its intact natural landscape, while Shudu Lake is famous for the various wild animals and plants around the lake. 

Upon returning from the national park, have a chance to explore Shangri-la Tibetan Ancient Town.on your own. It will be a great experience to climb up to the top of Guishan Hill to witness the largest Prayer Wheel of the world and have a panoramic view of shangrila county. In the evening, visit a Tibetan's family to experience the local life in the bonfire party with Tibetan dance and music, try some Tibetan home-made yak butter tea.

Day 08 :
Flight to Lhasa

Drive to the Shangri-la airport for the departure for Lhasa, and the flight will take about 2 hours. Upon arrival, be met and assisted to the hotel near Jokhang Temple by your local guide and driver. The rest of the day is left free for you to relax and start acclimatizing the high altitude. Start your overland tour in Tibet tomorrow morning.

Day 09 :
Lhasa City Tour

This morning will cover a visit to the magnificent Potala Palace. Served as the religious center of Tibetan Buddhism culture and the dwelling place for Dalai lamas for centuries, Potala Palace has been always regarded as the landmark of Lhasa city. Its unique fortress-like appearance is a wonder even by modern architectural standard, astonishing every visitor who had the chance to come here.

Afterwards, head to the center part of Lhasa old city and visit Jokhang Temple, the holy shrine to all the Tibetan Buddhists. Atop of the roof it offers an excellent view of the Potala Palace in the distance. You can also see many pilgrims prostrating themselves at the entrance of the temple. Next up with a walk along the Kora around Jokhang Temple, called Barkhor Area. It is also a famous street for selling local souvenirs.  

Day 10 :
Lhasa City Sightseeing

The tour today will be focused on visiting two of the great three Gelugpa Sect monasteries in and near Lhasa city, Ganden Monastery and Sera Monastery. Morning drive to Ganden Monastery located atop of a hill 50 km. (31 mi.) northeast of Lhasa. This monastery.is the first one that was built by the founder of Gelugpa Sect himself. and now is well known for its Kora. While walking along the Kora path leading to the top of the hill, you will see many pilgrims and monks offering prayers, rubbing holy rocks and prostrating themselves.

After lunch, drive back to Lhasa city to visit Sera Monastery, which is famous for its debating tradition every afternoon. Debating is one part of learning Buddhism scriptures that all the monks need to involve themselves in, so that they can further their comprehension and proceed to more advanced levels of study.  

Day 11 :
Departure from Lhasa - Half Day Tour to Gyantse

Today you will take an overland journey to Gyantse via Lhatse and Yamdrok tso Lake. Shaped like a fan, Yamdrok tso Yumtso Lake is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and regarded as the embodiment of goddess according to the local legend. The landscape around the lake is pretty breathtaking, stop at here to take some photos.

Next up with a drive along the Friendship Highway, which is the main road to Nepal. Arrive Gyantse in the afternoon, then have a short visit to the famous stupa, Gyantse Kumbum, which is the largest kumbum has 9 tiers and over 100 chapels. After walking around Gyantse old city area, return to your hotel to prepare for the next day.

Day 12 :
Drive to Shigatse - Shigatse City Tour - Drive to Lhatse

Continue your overland tour today. Say farewell to Gyantse and drive to Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet this morning. Upon arrival, make an excursion to Tashilhunpo Monastery, which was the seat of Panchen Lama and the Tibetan Buddhism center in Rear Tibet. The highlight here is a Stupa tomb of the tenth Panchen Lama, covered with gold and numerous jewels and precious stones. It was said that the corpse of this Panchen Lama had no signs of decomposition for years. During your visit, walk along the Kora path leading to the place where you can have an excellent view of the whole Shigatse city. 

Next up with a walk around the old city market in Shigatse and see if there are some local sounevirs you want to buy. In the late afternoon, drive to Lhatse, which is the start place of your trekking tour in Mount Everest tomorrow.

Day 13 :
Drive to Rongbuk Monastery - Mount Everest Trekking

After breakfast, drive from Lhatse to Rongbuk Monastery, the highest monastery in Tibet to witness the magnificent Mount Everest. Cross over Gyatsola Pass, the first place where you can see the spectacular Mount Everest, the world's highest peak. then stop at Shegar for the checkpoint. Afterwards, cross over Gawu La Pass, which is a good place to see the magnificent peaks in Himalaya Ranges. Stop at the pass as you will have a chance to take some photos. 

Probably arrive at the Rongbuk Monastery in the afternoon, then you will have 2 to 3 hours trek from the monastery to E.B.C (Everest Base Camp), which will be a memorable experience in your life. As you get more and more close to Mount Everest, the scenery will amaze your every step.In the late afternoon, return to Rongbuk Monastery, and take a rest in Rongbuk Monastery guest house or local tent guest house. 

Day 14 :
E.B.C Sunrise - Drive to Zhangmu via Old Tingri

Depending upon the weather, you will have a chance to witness the sunrise at Everest in the early morning. Afterwards, say farewell to Mount Everest and start driving to Zhangmu via Old Tingri and Nyalam. On the way crossing Thongla Pass, savor the breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks. Driving along the road  surrounded by these snow-capped peaks will give a sense that you are walking a road leading to the sky. Upon arrival at Zhangmu, check into the hotel to prepare for your last day in the tour.

Day 15 :
Drive From Zhangmu to Kathmandu

After breakfast, our guide will help you clear the customs. Your Nepalese guide and driver will be waiting for you with smiles on the friendship boarder. After you check in at the Nepal Immigration office, it’s a 5 hours’ drive to Kathmandu. Enjoy the scenery of great white waters along the way. This trip will end upon your arrival at Kathmandu, but it can be extended to other parts of Nepal as you like.

Tour notes:

Please note prices are based in CNY.

General inclusions:

All required government taxes and fees.
2 bottles of mineral water provided daily.
All required Tibet permits and domestic travel documents.
Where possible 3 star hotels will always be provided, if the city or town does not have then the local guest house or monastery guest house will be provided (i.e. tent / dormitory bed, no private bathroom etc.)
The hotel accommodation is based on two persons sharing one standard twin room with private facilities in all relevant locations. If a single client requests a twin room alone, the single room supplement will be charged.
Local Tibetan guide fluent in English, Chinese or Japanese that is certified by the state tourism build. (If your native language is not listed please let us know, we are certain we can assist your needs.)
Airport and/or train station pick-up and drop-off.
All domestic flight and train tickets. Economy-class for flights and soft sleeper / seat for train tickets.
Transportation will we be provided via a comfortable and clean car, minivan or tourist bus depending upon the groups size.
Nepal border pick up and transfer to your hotel in Kathmandu.
Meals as remarked in the itinerary. (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)

General exclusions:

Personal expenses such as laundry, drinks, internet access, fax, telephone calls etc.
Tips for your guide and driver.
Optional Attractions that are not specified in the itinerary.
Flight and/or railway ticket(s) to the first city of the tour and departure from the last city of the tour.
Meals not specified in the itinerary.

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