Visit the beautiful Bamboo Sea


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With many cultural relics and historic sites screened by green bamboo, The Bamboo Sea in southern Sichuan is a fresh and clear back garden of Yibin City. 

Located on the border of Changning and Jiang’an, around 70 km. (43 mi.) southeast of Yibin via Changning, the extraordinary South of Sichuan Bamboo Sea mountain slopes at an elevation from 600 m. (1,968 ft.) to 1,000 m. (3,280 ft.).

In its central region, more than 50 sq. km. (19 sq. mi.) of bamboo shelters 28 ridges and peaks of high and low, 500 hills in big and small. The place seems like a misty vast green sea. Hence comes the name of “Bamboo Sea”.

Bamboo Sea of Southern Shu is one of the great places to see in southern Sichuan. Tourists who plan to travel in Sichuan experience in “Bamboo Sea”. Meanwhile, you can learn a wide range of profound bamboo culture from this place.    

There is a famous scenic spot in Bamboo Sea - A waterfall about 200 m. (656 ft.) high and 4 m. (13 ft.) wide that jumps out of the inclined calabash-shaped valley lying between the Stone Drum Mountain and the Stone Bell Mountain.

As the sun shines on the waterfall, the rainbow comes out now and then, so this waterfall is called “the Rainbow Waterfall’. Tourists can climb to the Gourd Valley to view the beautiful rainbow scene, which is located between the Stone Drum Mountain and  the Stone Bell Mountain.

The Rainbow Waterfall spot is a popular place if you plan a tour to visit places to see in southern Sichuan.

Another attraction for tourists who travel in Sichuan to visit in Bamboo Sea is the Longyin Cave, which is situated on the Jiulong Mountain about 980 m. (3,215 ft.) above sea level.

Around it there are undulating mountains covered in bamboo forests. Built in the Ming Dynasty, it covers an area of 450 sq. m. (4,843 sq. ft.). It used to have a main hall, a back hall and a side hall. Unlike the kind and serene Buddhas in other temples, their looks are solemn, serious and mighty.Not only the scenic spots here are attractive, there are also many delicious and special snacks.

You can taste all kinds of dishes that were all made by bamboos or mushrooms grown on bamboos. Isn't that amazing? If you want book a tour of places to see in southern Sichuan. Visiting the Bamboo Sea in Sichuan is a good choice during the hot summer days.It would be a unforgettable tour in your tours China.

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