Lhasa to Kathmandu - 10 day Tibet travel details


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The absorbing landscape and unique culture from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, sets a memorable tune for any traveler wanting to be close to nature. This wonderful 10 day tour starts in Tibet and ends in Nepal and is packed full of natural beauty, hospitable Tibetans and tasty cuisine. Upon arrival in Lhasa it is customary to take a break in the hotel, to help adjust to the high altitude. Your guide will welcome you to the start of a 2 day tour in Lhasa and provide details on how to avoid high attitude sickness. With the stopover in Lhasa you wil have a chance to soak up feel of Lhasa and all her glory. Spend your first night in Barkhor Street, a place where you can find hundreds of thousands of local special goods like Tibetan knife, Tibetan medicine and Tibetan sculptures.

The Beautiful Potola Palace - Lhasa
In the morning go straight to the Potala Palace. As the model of Tibetan architecture, the Potala Palace was ordered to be build by the ruler, Songtsan Gambo.

The spectacular palace shared the romantic history with many, the wordless tablet showed me the spirit of Lama. The White Palace and the Red Palace harmonize two extreme architectural arts. All these palaces are luminous, magnificent and gorgeous. Inside there is the breathtaking frescos, which showed us those memorable periods in the history. Time just flies by without noticing it when you are indulged in these splendid buildings and vivid frescos.

The afternoon was mainly spent in the Jokhang Temple. You will be surprised at the numbers of pilgrims. Murmuring scared mantras, Pilgrims fuel myriad of flickering butter lamps with yak butter and honor their deities with white scarves to show their pieties to the Buddha. Their concentrations and sincerities impressed me enormously. If luckily, the day you visit you can witness live debating from the Lamas. They exchanged their acquirements of Lamaism, they talked excitedly and they even danced. Your guide will explain every detail about Lamaism, or you can just sit back and enjoy the spirit from their body language.

Namtso Lake not far from Lhasa
Namtso Lake brought a refreshed mood and natural landscape to us. Clean water cooled me, fresh air motioned me and loose yaks shortened the distance between people and nature. Walking along the banks, you can talk, laughed and took photos. Then travel to Yangpachen Hot-spring. Your tiredness will be wiped out in the spring. Stay there for the night and returned to Lhasa on the third day's morning. The guide will had prepared the group visa for you as yuo continue for Kathmandu by the Friendship Highway.

Along the trip to Kathmandu, have a chance to stop at Yamdork-tso, Gyantse Kumpum Stupa and Tibet Everest Region. Sparkling water in the Yamdork-tso Lake caught my sight and the Monument of heroes in Gyantse drew my attention. What's unforgettable was the thrilling splendor of the world's highest peak, Mt. Everest. Enjoy a flavorful meal in the small town, Zhangmu, which is renowned for the exquisite buildings and mixed culture. Finally, reached your destination, Kathmandu.

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