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Everyone should have a dream to visit Tibet, not only for enjoying its irresistible scenery, but also for unraveling its years' of mystery. What's more, a tour to Tibet is more than a trip but a self-seeking! No doubt the Friendship Highway connecting Lhasa in Tibet with Kathmandu in Nepal is an extraordinary way for you to seek yourself. The Friendship Highway is one of the most spectacular highways in the world with a length of 806 km. (500 mi.). The sightseeing along this route is stunning, including the attractions in Shigatse (the second biggest city in Lhasa) and the splendor of the Everest region.

Yamdork lake, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet

The Friendship Highway starts from Lhasa, getting across the turquoise Yamdrok Lake which is one of the Three Holy Lakes in Tibet. The moment you arrive at the Yamdrok Lake, the unforgettable pincer-sharped turquoise water of the lake immediately jumps into your sight. After being refreshed by the lake, you probably can't wait to go to the next absorbing landscape, the famous Gyantse Kumbum Stupa, the most stunning architectural wonder in Tibet, which is known as the best Kumbum. From Gyantse, after 2 hours' drive, you will stop at the second biggest city in Tibet, Shigatse where you will visit the impressive Monastery Tashilhunpo and the spectacular tombs of the Panchen Lamas. Meanwhile you can explore the local market which features bamboo products, peculiar ornaments and decorations. 

Mt.Everest - The highest peak in the world

Closer to the boarder, the most popular scenery spot in Tibet is the Everest region. Cars must stop as you reach the Rongphu Monastery and then you should take a short hike to Everest Base Camp. Standing on the highest mountain in the world, you will definitely be impressed by its stunning sunrise. The Everest looks like it has put on a well-dressed cloth of rosy dawn, standing out like a gorgeous and brilliant goddess when the other peaks are still asleep.When the glaciers melts, the huge sounds and the splendid glaciers style is absolutely unprecedented. There is nothing you can do but leave your body and soul wandering in its charm.

After enjoying the thrilling splendor of Everest, you will head to Zhangmu where you can treat yourself with local flavor filled meal. Along the way, the surrounding peaks of Shishapangma (8,020 m. or 26,312 ft.), Cho Oyu (8,201 m. or 26,906 ft.), Menungtse and Gaurj constitutes the most magnificent natural landscape, making it an ideal place for both traveling and adventuring. And the road driving over the pass of Tongla is surrounded by the snow-capped peaks and it is like a road straight into the heaven. After getting a feast for your eyes of the scenery on the way. Finally, reach your destination, Kathmandu. 

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